What are the most terrifying horror movies?

The VVitch

The VVitch is a more psychological horror that deals with life in new England during the 1600’s. The movie draws you in with a unsettling feeling of violation, like you are intruding on a story that was never supposed to be brought to light. It has some slight gore but it is used carefully and sparsely.

With a 91% on rotten tomatoes and as one of my favorites i highly recommend the movie, especially if your just beginning the great journey into the horror genre.

The Women In Black

The women in black is a good place to start in the supernatural/jumpscare side of horror. The movie is about a lawyer that has to put a recently deceased persons affairs in order. When he arrives in the town where the person died it is obvious that the village is hiding something. Its has a good take on the thriller/mystery side of horror which we sometimes rarely see.

It sadly only has a 67% rating by rotten tomatoes

The Boy

Lets make something clear, absolutely hate dolls and creepy/weird kids. Lucky for me this movie has both combined into one entity. The boy follows a nanny that was called to babysit a child while his parents are out of town. To her surprise the kid is a doll with a rather strict set of rules she must follow in order to avoid his consequences. Sounds heartwarming right?

It has a 60% rating by rotten tomatoes but its all about personal preference really.

Now time to get to the good stuff

The Conjuring

The Conjuring Series is based off of the real life investigations of Lorraine and Ed warren who (if you’re like me and waste too much time on the internet you know who I’m talkin’ about) are world famous paranormal investigators. I prefer the second conjuring but to understand a little bit more about the characters i recommend watching the first one as well.

The conjuring has an 86% rating on rotten tomatoes

(finally a horror movie that doesn’t begin with ‘the’)

Lets talk about Sinister

Where to begin with this movie? The plot focuses on a true crime writer who hasn’t written a book in years. So he does the obvious thing, solve the murder tapes he found in his houses attic. With a combination of gore, the supernatural, and mystery a fan favorite was born.

The critics aren’t fond of this movie though, giving it a rating of 67%

The Silence of The Lambs

The Silence of The Lambs is a classic for a reason. With enough violence to go around and then some, this movie has stolen the hearts of many horror fans. An FBI agent named Clarice Starling is granted the unfortunate privilege of a interview with everyone’s favorite cannibal Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Her job is to try and get any information he may have about an on going case.

Sadly, memes have kinda ruined the movie for me

hehehehe… sorry

The movie has a 95% rating. If you have a faint heart i dont suggest eating while watching this movie.

Poltergeist (1982)

Again with people moving into a new house poltergeist takes place in California. As kids communicate with spirits in their house through the TV. Eventually the at first playful and friendly communications turn more sinister. When the youngest (depicted above) goes missing the family reaches out to parapsychologist and eventually an exorcist for help.

The movie was rated at 88% and is admired by most horror fans

Paranormal Activity

Hello paranormal activity my old friend. Ive come to talk about you again. As one of my first horror movies it is near and dear to my heart. Though its not very scary it is well done and was a original concept when it was released.

The first movies were rated around 80% but as the series continues the ratings have dropped significantly dropping to 14%



Gore…. Its just Gore…. All of it….

Gore aside the saw franchise has a very loyal fanbase and continues to rake in those ever treasured green dollar bills. If you dont mind alot of blood and gut wrenching decisions this movies for you. If you’ve already seen it I suggest being brave and attempting to eat something while watching.

so…. im too lazy to write a hundred more reviews so here’s a list of some favorites

Honorable Mentions and Classics