Sex robot inventor says having baby with his android lover will be ‘extremely simple’

Sergi Santos in relationship with android as well as human wife of 16 years

Sergi Santos with his sex robot creation 'Samantha'

Sergi Santos with his sex robot creation ‘Samantha’

robot creator has claimed that he will soon be able to have a baby with his own robot lover.

Sergi Santos, an electronic engineer and expert in AI, also believes it is just a matter of time before machines are doing human jobs and marrying into human families.

The Spaniard told The Sun he would “love” to have a child with his robotic partner, and that it would be “extremely simple”.

“Using the brain I have already created, I would program it with a genome so he or she could have moral values, plus concepts of beauty, justice and the values that humans have,” he said.

“Then to create a child with this robot it would be extremely simple. I would make an algorithm of what I personally believe about these concepts and then shuffle it with what she thinks and then 3D print it.

The designer says that having regular intercourse with his robot, called “Samantha”, has improved his sex life with Ms Kissamitaky.

It is also claimed his android has the ability to create emotional ties, can progress through different emotional modes, and has the ability to makes “realistic” orgasm sounds.

Outrage as sex robot made to look like 12-YEAR-OLD girl hits the market in COFFIN

A SICKENING sex robot designed to look like a 12-year-old girl has sparked outrage after going on sale.

Sick sex robots made to look like a 12-year-old girl have gone on sale

The vile doll is custom made to suit the needs of the owner and comes delivered in its very own wooden “coffin”.

Weighing just four stones and measuring 2ft 4 inch tall the childlike robot, invented by Chinese company Shengyi, is selling for £770.

The vile robots weight just four stone and are just 2ft 4ins tall
The vile robots weight just four stone and are just 2ft 4ins tall ShengYi

As well as arriving in a disturbing coffin, the robots are also dressed all in black to give off an even creepier vibe.

Twitter users have slammed the paedophilic sex toys, with Rafaqat Ali Gohar labelling them “absolutely disgusting”.

Kevin Williams said: “Sometimes I so wish I could ‘unsee’ something… OMFG… The world is insane.”

The sickening products have been slammed online as 'absolutely digusting'
The sickening products have been slammed online as ‘absolutely digusting’ ShengYi

The dolls come in a variety of hair colours, skin colours and eye colours – but all are marketed to be “small” robots “for men”.

Buyers can choose exactly which robot they want and the firm says they can be shipped from Guandong, China in just five business days.

The website says: “This silicon small sex dolls is our unique design on market in 2016, sex dolls with hot japanese pure girl, female real sex doll robot for man

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