How to Let Go of Fear and Return to Love

How to Let Go of Fear and Return to Love

When you let go of fear, you can’t help but return to love. But if you hold on to fear, love will be absent. You can’t have both. A lot of people are afraid of Love. They think Love can harm them. But Love can do not harm. Fear is the one who has the power to hurt us.

What is LOVE

Whenever I ask myself this question, the answer that comes to mind is always the same:

“Love is who we are, it’s what we are all made of.”

But what does this mean? 

It means that we are all made of love, made with love and made to love and whenever we are anything other than love we are not truly being ourselves. We move away from our true nature. And as a result, we start to build a false identity for ourselves, pretending to be something we are not and taking our sense of worth from outside of us and no longer from within ourselves.

That’s how the struggle begins. That’s how most of us start settling for way less than we are worth, constantly using the past as an excuse of why we can’t move forward in life, crafting sad, lonely, unhappy and mediocre lives. 

Why do you think there’s so much violence in the world, people who live in poverty, couples who stay in unhealthy and toxic relationships, men and women do work that has no value and no meaning for them? Why do you think so many people live in fear, expecting the worst to always happen, talking more about their pains and sorrows than they talk about their joys and blessings? Because we have moved away from who we truly are, we have moved away from LOVE. And when you move away from love, you start to feel scared, disconnected, lost and lonely and life becomes a struggle. 

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.” ~ John Lennon

You are made of love, made with love and made to love and whenever love is not present within your heart, you will feel disconnected from the world around you and you will feel as though something is missing from your life. And that something, that missing piece will be YOU – your awareness about who you truly are and what you are really capable of being, doing and having. The missing piece will be LOVE.

Let go of fear

“It is good to feel lost… because it proves you have a navigational sense of where “Home” is. You know that a place that feels like being found exists. And maybe your current location isn’t that place but, Hallelujah, that unsettled, uneasy feeling of lost-ness just brought you closer to it.” ~ Erika Harris 

No matter how long you have been wondering around, feeling lost, disoriented and confused, looking outside of you for all the things that you thought were missing from within you, if you want to get back to yourself if you want to return to LOVE, you can. For love always was and always will be, lovingly waiting for you.

Love never left you and will never do. 

“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.” ~ Rumi

So how do you let go of fear and the past so that you can return to LOVE? How do you go from living in fear to living in LOVE; from feeling lost to being found; from feeling scared, drained, exhausted and unhappy to feeling happy alive, refreshed and rejuvenated?

You return to LOVE by first setting an intention to do so. By making a promise to yourself to spend the rest of your life fully loving, nurturing and honoring who you are. 

You return to LOVE by unlearning all that you have learned about yourself, about life and about LOVE and by living life from a place of infinite choices and possibilities – the present moment, no longer from a place of fear and limitations – the past.

You return to LOVE by forgiving everything and everyone, including yourself and by sending love to all those who might have hurt and harmed you at one point or another.

You return to LOVE by making peace with your darkness, your shadows, fears, and insecurities and by filling your heart with love, light, and trust. Trust in yourself, trust in love and trust in life itself.

You return to LOVE by accepting and embracing yourself just as you are right at this moment and by pouring unconditional love upon yourself, upon all that you do and all that you are.

You return to LOVE by realizing that in this moment you are ENOUGH.

You return to LOVE by taking the time to know yourself, to spoil yourself and to love yourself.

You return to LOVE, to yourself and your true nature by spending time outside in nature observing, admiring and contemplating at the beauty of life itself. 

You return to LOVE by nurturing kind and loving thoughts about yourself and about the world around you. And by constantly thinking, talking and acting upon that which you want to experience and attract in your life.

You return to LOVE by becoming aware that you are ONE with all that is, ONE with the people you love but also those you dislike; ONE with the riches that you want to have in your life but also with the poverty that is present in the world; ONE with those who are kind but also with those who are unkind; ONE with the trees, the plants, the stars, the Moon and ONE with life itself.

You return to LOVE by surrendering to what is. By trusting that maybe everything in life is happening exactly the way it should be happening. And that maybe we all have some very valuable lessons to learn from both the good and bad experiences and people that come our way.

You return to LOVE by expressing your love, gratitude, and appreciation for everything that comes your way, every thought, every person, every interaction and by seeking to use them all to become a better not bitter person.

You return to LOVE by understanding that you are LOVE and that there is nothing about you lacking, there never was nor will there ever be.

You return to LOVE by understanding that you don’t have to do more of anything and you don’t have to acquire more stuff, have more friends and make more money in order for you to feel whole, worthy and complete.

You return to LOVE not by getting more, having more and doing more but by being more – being happy, content, peaceful, graceful, grateful and so on. That’s how you return to LOVE. That’s how you return to your beautiful and loving Self. So:

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” ~ Rumi