Radiation level exceeds 10x legal limit at beach where nuclear industry dumps waste and children play .


While we sing our hymns behind closed walls, while we pray for our sick at altars that are really just stages, while we feign our spirituality in buildings so closed off from the rest of the world, while we continue to praise our God and wait for his coming, we turn a deaf ear to our role in shaping ourselves and the future. We have abandoned our harmonic relationship with the earth and each other. Children continue to suffer all across the land, while we continue to pump industrial poisons into the veins of the earth. Pesticides, heavy metals and radioactive waste lead the way, destroying our world. We, the divine people, have become so detached from the simple medicine of plants and minerals, so separated from the sun’s rhythm and the inner music of healing intuition beating within us all.

Sanctuaries, filled with prayer requests for illness, are void of discernment, divinity or higher calling of healing intuition. Everyone follows along, not challenging the status quo — a consumerist machine that continues to pollute our earth, our air and our water in search of unsustainable energy and missiles.

As a congregation, we are oblivious to the causes of our health detriment, with cancer rates traversing from being nearly nonexistent a hundred years ago to now affecting nearly one of every two people in the 21st century. As we pray for intervention, we neglect our duty, our responsibility, our sovereignty in discerning the causes and making the necessary proactive changes to the world within us and around us. We have to change how we produce our food, how we treat the earth and one another, how we produce our energy and how we look at war. The cancers, the spiritual anguish, and the suppression of the mind continue as we lie to ourselves about what we are doing to our world. In the lies, we submit to white-coat authority and a system of numbers that tell us when we should be drugged — a protocol that doesn’t improve our quality of life — a method that only adds anguish to our years.

The walls must fall, and honesty and courage must sweep the consciousness of the people. Recognition of what we are doing to the land, of what we are doing to ourselves, must blaze through the hearts of a generation. We must relinquish our desire for control and power. The awakening of hearts is rising, to change the path that we are on and to treat one another and the earth with love and respect. It must sink into our existence and purpose. We must take action — no longer waiting on the second coming of a savior.

All human beings are connected. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. The more we wait behind walls and glorify our fleeting fame and possessions, the more we beckon the destruction of our spirit and the sickness of our people. There’s more to life than accumulating things. We are one and can communicate beyond words. We are energy and can connect in ways that empower our future. Our religions get in the way, separating men, destroying faith that can move mountains. I’ve seen it. We must look beyond. How can we make this world a better place? We can start with ourselves, by coming to peace with ourselves in a non-judgmental state of existence.

And we must get real. We are poisoning ourselves at every angle, from the mercury to the lead, all the way to the radioactive waste breaking down in our oceans. We are poisoning our future. What good is nuclear energy if it is destroying the human race? We have nowhere to dump this waste. We cannot hide from the monster we’ve created. We mount our defense with chemical weapons but, who are we really fighting as the radioactive particles return to our very own beaches? Beaches are meant to be a place of natural peace. We are our own worst enemy. This isn’t about a country. This is about a planet.

Filling the oceans with radioactive waste

Humans used to dump nuclear waste into the sea, but this practice was banned in 1993 by a worldwide agreement. Still, we skirt our own rules, lying to ourselves. Nuclear waste is still dumped into the sea, except now we build many kilometers’ worth of underwater pipe to allow the radioactive effluent to flow indirectly into the sea. The radioactive waste is dumped in secret, not directly, but through pipes that are out of sight, out of mind. Why are we doing this to our planet? Why are we lying to ourselves?

Now, waters at the beaches of Normandy are testing 10 times beyond the legal limit which world leaders set for radioactive plutonium levels. These beaches are where children play. This is where our future exists, our serenity, but we are destroying our very own DNA, the very makeup of our children, calling on cancer to ravage our future, calling forth the demons that destroy our mind, body and spirit.

Radioactive plutonium levels exceed the legal limit 10-fold

Here are the findings at the Normandy beach near the French reprocessing plan in La Hague:

There’s a tremendous amount of tritium being measured there, five times more than previously reported by nuclear plant operator Areva. A second disposal pipe for nuclear waste from North England is responsible for elevated levels of plutonium dust. The plutonium returns from the sea, drying out as dust on the beaches. The operators at Sellafield admit to pumping more than 500 kg of plutonium into the sea in recent decades — an amount that needs to be continuously removed from the beach by a small excavator. In recent soil samples, the plutonium has measurably surpassed the legal limit 10-fold. Molecular biologists report that the radioactive substances stay in the food chain for many years. Some worms can harbor the radioactivity at 2,000 to 3,000 times higher than their environment, which is passed on through the food chain, destroying the reproductive ability of other animals.


Radiation level in tuna off Oregon coast tripled after Fukushima disaster

While the state of Oregon gears up to test its shores for radioactive contamination from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, university scientists have found that radiation levels in some albacore tuna caught off its coast have tripled.

According to researchers at the University of Oregon, the results came after tests analyzed the cesium levels in 26 tuna caught prior to the 2011 nuclear calamity – as far back as 2008 – and those caught after the accident.

AFP Photo / Yoshikazu Tsuno

Although the levels of radioactive isotopes in some of the tuna tripled after the disaster, the researchers found they are still “a thousand times lower” than the safety standards outlined by the US Department of Agriculture.

“A year of eating albacore with these cesium traces is about the same dose of radiation as you get from spending 23 seconds in a stuffy basement from radon gas,” the study’s lead author, Delvan Neville said to Oregon’s Statesman Journal.

Still, Neville added that the discovery of any amount of radiation is significant.

“You can’t say there is absolutely zero risk because any radiation is assumed to carry at least some small risk,” he said. “But these trace levels are too small to be a realistic concern.”

Researchers stated that the migration paths of the tuna could also affect the levels of radiation going forward. Most of the 3-year-old tuna tested had no traces of Fukushima radiation, but 4-year-old tuna – which likely traveled through the radioactive plume a couple of times – had higher cesium levels. Continued migration could increase cesium levels further, but the researchers said it would still fall well below maximum safety levels.

Since the results did reveal a spike in radiation, though, the researchers will be expanding their study beyond Oregon to test a larger number of tuna across the West Coast.

“The presence of these radioactive isotopes is actually helping us in an odd way – giving us information that will allow us to estimate how albacore tuna migrate between our West Coast and Japan,” Neville told the Journal.

Meanwhile, Oregon state itself plans to hold its next quarterly radiation test on May 13. Back in February, Ken Buesseler of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution stated that a plume of radioactive water from Fukushima would likely hit the US West Coast by April 2014. Buesseler said the plume is likely too diluted to pose a health concern to Americans or the habitat, but added that only testing will be able to confirm his belief.