With INFANTICIDE now a core “value” of Democrats, all decent, life-loving human beings must denounce the Democrat party

Image: With INFANTICIDE now a core “value” of Democrats, all decent, life-loving human beings must denounce the Democrat party

There’s no two ways about it anymore: the Democrat Party is evil beyond words. And with the Democrats’ recent voting down of a bill, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, that would have protected the lives of newly-born children from being murdered alive by abortionists, it’s now undeniably evident that there’s no possible way for decent human beings who support human rights and life in general to, in any way, identify as Democrats.

As if their love for abortion wasn’t already bad enough, today’s Democrats see nothing wrong with delivering the child victims of failed abortions and allowing them to die on the delivery table, all in the name of “reproductive rights” and “choice.” This newfound adoption of infanticide, a.k.a. baby murder, as one of their core “values” proves once and for all that Democrats hate human life, and openly embrace the “progressive” policy of murdering babies after they’ve already left the womb.

We might as well start referring to the Democrat Party as the Death Party – the party that will “cry” over the deaths of children whenever it suits their agenda of trying to scrap the Second Amendment, but that hoots, hollers, cheers, and claps when legislation is passed and signed that allows newborn babies to be chopped into bits and trashed as “medical waste” upon breathing their first breath of air.

There’s certainly no place for real Christians in the Democrat Party, which embraces pretty much every evil thing that the Bible condemns. Whether it’s brainwashing innocent children into believing that there are unlimited genders, or silencing free speech about the dangers of vaccines, the Democrat Party wants to destroy all that is good and wholesome, and replace it with every type of vice and wickedness.

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Things have taken a major turn for the worse since 2002, when a bipartisan Senate UNANIMOUSLY affirmed that born-alive children are human beings deserving of life

Believe it or not, it wasn’t that long ago that Democrats, or at least some of them, still had some level of conscience within their beings. Back in 2002, in fact, Democrats in the Senate unanimously, along with Republicans, voted to pass the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. This bill recognized all born children as “human persons,” affording them the same rights and protections as all other humans.

But somehow over the years, the Democrat Party decided that granting human life status to newborn babies infringed upon “women’s rights,” and here we are today.

“In just over a decade and a half, Democrats have gone from ‘safe, legal, and rare abortions’ to ‘kill ’em all and don’t stop when they’re born,’” writes Matt Walsh for The Daily Wire. “Many of us warned that the first slogan would lead eventually to the second. We take no pleasure in our vindication.”

As you may recall, it was the Republican Party that had to step up to the plate in the past to stamp out another evil known as slavery, which was openly embraced by the Democrat Party. And it’s now up to Republicans once again to intervene on behalf of society’s most vulnerable, unborn and newborn babies, to protect them from the Democrat Party death cult.

“It is probably not a coincidence that the Democrat Party, through its long and sordid history, has supported both of those peculiar institutions,” Walsh adds about the Democrats’ support for both slavery and baby murder.

“What a force for evil it has been. But what amazing consistency – to always fall on the wrong side of every human rights issue.”

Science in the Courtroom.

Scientific evidence concerning the biological causes of bad behavior is becoming increasingly common in the courtroom. Forensic psychiatrists at Vanderbilt University have genetically screened defendants charged with first-degree murder for a gene associated with antisocial personality disorder, for example. And when it came time to sentence convicted murderer Brian Dugan, neuroscientists performed neuroimaging on Dugan’s brain in order to claim he has a defective, psychopathic brain.

What would you do if you were faced with such a decision? Imagine you’re a juror tasked with the job of recommending a sentence for a criminal found guilty of aggravated battery. The criminal, Jonathan Donahue, went into a Burger King restaurant with the hope of robbing it, then beat the manager so severely that he sustained brain damage. After he was arrested, Donahue seemed to revel in his crime, even going so far as to have a king’s crown tattooed on his back.

At the sentencing hearing, a psychiatrist provides expert testimony saying that Donahue is a diagnosed psychopath. She explains that psychopathy is a clinical diagnosis defined by impulsivity, lack of empathy, and lack of remorse. The judge tells you that the standard sentence for cases of aggravated battery is about 9 years.

First Question: With this information, how many years in prison will you recommend for Donahue?

There’s one more expert witness. This one is a neurobiologist, and he tells you that Donahue has a particular gene that contributes to atypical brain development. Specifically, the part of Donahue’s brain that controls his violence-inhibition mechanism is damaged. In normal humans, the violence-inhibition mechanism automatically creates anxiety when they recognize that other humans are in pain or distress. Psychopaths, like Donahue, lack a normal violence-inhibition mechanism.

Second Question: In light of this additional neurobiological evidence, how many years in prison will you recommend for Donahue?

How did you answer the Second Question relative to the First Question? If you increased Donahue’s sentence, you probably did so because you interpreted the neurobiological evidence as suggesting his biological constitution makes him a continued threat to society. On the other hand, if you decreased Donahue’s sentence, you probably did so because you interpreted the neurobiological evidence as suggesting his biological constitution makes him less responsible for his actions. Or, you could have dismissed the neurobiological evidence entirely and recommended the exact same sentence.

This is the double-edged sword of the science of criminal behavior. The exact same evidence could either increase or decrease punishment, depending on how that evidence is interpreted.

With scientific evidence about the causes of criminal behavior becoming more and more common in the court room, the legal system faces a pressing question: Which way will the double-edged sword cut? In Dugan’s murder case, a jury ultimately sentenced Dugan to death, but according to his attorney the scientific evidence switched a slam dunk case against Dugan into a much more complicated decision for the jurors. To investigate this question in a systematic way, my colleagues and I performed a national experiment involving US state trial court judges. We presented the judges with Donahue’s case and asked them to sentence him. The results of this experiment were published last month in Science. The judges told us that on average they sentenced convicts guilty of aggravated battery to about 9 years in prison. The judges who received only expert testimony concerning Donahue’s diagnosis of psychopathy sentenced him on average to almost 14 years in prison. But the judges who received the expert testimony concerning Donahue’s diagnosis of psychopathy as well as the evidence concerning the neurobiological causes of his psychopathy sentenced him on average to about 13 years in prison. Compared to just the diagnosis of psychopathy, that is, the neurobiological evidence reduced Donahue’s sentence by roughly a year (a statistically significant difference).

So, our study suggests which way the double-edged sword might cut—towards slightly shorter sentences. But there is another pressing question, one at the intersection of science, philosophy, and the law: Which way should the double-edged sword cut?

The presence of scientific evidence about the causes of criminal behavior is only likely to increase in the courtroom. As a result, scientists and non-scientists alike need to discuss this issue and decide how biological knowledge should influence the legal system.

To get the conversation going, in the Comments section below, list your answers to the First and Second Questions and explain your justification for the increase, decrease, or lack of any change in the prison sentence that you recommended for Donahue.

James Tabery is a professor of philosophy at the University of Utah.

Source: http://www.the-scientist.com


ABORTION: A METAPHYSICAL TRUTH about the Process and the Choices.

Debates are on in the American presidential election and in the Canadian Parliament whether their country should make legal, or not, the act of abortion. Many are now turning to the Universe to receive Spiritual Truth about whether ABORTION IS MURDER OR NOT! Why? Why are politicians now suddenly looking beyond to receive answers? The media too is busy hosting debates on the legality of abortion. All eventually leading to a deeper query beyond the physical logic. Again I ask why?
Isnt the ‘why’ now quite obvious to us? We are talking and deliberating about something that is not evidenced by scientific proof. We can’t, and are unable, to arrive at any justifiable and consciously acceptable conclusion. We “fear” whatever stand we take, whatever stand any political party takes, whatever verdict is passed by the highest court of the land could be “Conscientiously” wrong! Why do we fear taking a formidable decision on declaring abortion legal?

Because it involves the issue of a SOUL!!! Science has all along denied the concept and presence of a Soul, of Consciousness. Yes, they talk and hypothesize about Energy, but forget or deny that Energy is Consciousness. Spirit is considered to be the luxury of defeatists. Spirit is considered only by weak minds, by fatalistic beings, by philosophers who do nothing else in life but philosophize, because they are not achievers. Spirituality is concept of the poor, for the poor, and by the poor!
But things are changing now as scientists, physicist, doctors have suddenly reached a dead end in science and technology. For them to establish any new invention or discovery, and find cures for dis-eases that are incurable they need to accept a reality beyond the material and physical world. They need to discover the “Higher Laws of Physics”, the Meta-Physical (beyond the physical) existential truth. They have now come to real-I-ze there IS Consciousness, there IS a Soul within Energy that functions way out of their third dimensional Laws of Physics that could unveil the whole mystery.

So now, if there is a Soul within energy then there is a Soul within each of us that exists beyond this world and after we die. If so, the question then arises: when does the Soul take a physical form? Or when does a Soul inhabit a human body? Ahhh … therein lies the answer to whether ABORTION IS MURDER OR NOT!
The soul decides primarily the Mother it wishes to birth from. The Mother chooses her spouse. The soul doesn’t seek nor determine the father. Once the Mother in physical embodiment is decided, the soul then has many “choices”. It can decide when it wishes to enter the womb, or if it wishes to enter its form only after delivery. It also has the free-will to decide if it wishes to encounter the process of delivery or not. It can also choose to enter the womb occasionally during the pregnancy period and then descend and stay permanently in its form after it has taken birth. Generally, given so many choices, very rarely, or never, does a soul enter at the stage of conception. It can visit any time through out the nine months, if it so desires. That is  totally left to the soul to decide. There is no hard and fast rule. However, then what are those kicks, jerks, and movements that the mother feels during her pregnancy? These are sheer physical reflexes of the material body. Some souls opt for the delivery experience from a totally karmic perspective. The discomfort, or pain, the soul experiences at that period is so huge that it can transmute volumes of tough karmic threads in one go. But this is the rarest ever chosen option by any soul.

Furthermore, during the nine months of pregnancy, the soul generally visits the family often (outside the womb) to observe its environment, the relationship of the parents, the type of father its mother has chosen, the conduciveness of the family environment, in order to determine if the family is suitable for completing its karma and fulfilling its chosen destiny. At this point, even if the soul had decided upon that family, it can change its mind and not descend into the body already growing in the mother’s womb. This change of mind can take place for several reasons. The mothers (or the family’s) doubts about having a child, constant fights between the spouses (or members of the family), or if it observes the situation has changed from the time it had decided upon the family it wished to birth into. Then it can withdraw from its plan and retreat. This leads to a miscarriage. Or sometimes another soul could decide to take its place instead, which then would successfully culminate into the delivery of a child, without the parents even being aware that the souls had been interchanged.

Now coming back to the complex decision whether ABORTION IS MURDER OR NOT, we know that abortion is safely allowed by a doctor within the first three months of pregnancy. The thing to now bear in mind is: no soul remains in the womb for the entirety of the nine months. Whatever it may choose (whether to experience the delivery or not, whether to enter at all during the pregnancy formation period of its body in the womb, or just go in and out occasionally through visitations) it is practically/spiritually not possible that the soul would be present in the womb at the point of abortion. The soul would immediately know if the family, or the mother, is deliberating (at any point of time) to abort the body. In lieu of which the soul would never be in the womb at that time. So, conclusively, ABORTION CANNOT BE MURDER!

Notwithstanding, it would be very loving an act, on part of the mother and the family involved, to consciously understand the sentiments of the living Soul who has opted to take birth through them, and compassionately explain to the Soul the reason why they have taken such a stand. The Soul has feelings and emotions just like the human since it has been preparing it’s return to physical incarnation. Moreover, it has got attached to its choice of parents through a period of observation and visitations. Furthermore, it has even pre-determined its blueprint around this choice. So it involves a lot of preparation, on part of the soul, before it actually descends. Therefore, the communication of love from the chosen parents to the Soul (that they are rejecting) is a must for closure on both sides. It is necessary therefore to lovingly allow the soul go and find another family. This, if done with love, consideration, respect, and acknowledgement, can set the Soul free with much ease and no creation of karma. Therefore, although abortion is not murdering of a soul, it must be handled with sensitive dignity and respect for another living lifeform by first informing the soul of its decision of termination and allocating reasonable time to ease the Soul and give it, it’s time and space for a peaceful departure. This is what humans are not aware of and consequently fail to do before an abortion. This ignorance, on part of the doer, has caused great injury to Souls who had readied themselves for birth. It is thus very important to know, it’s not the act of abortion that is hurtful or murderous but the attitude, and way of “not handling”, or “not informing” the Soul prior to the ejection procedure.

Now, regarding the legality of Abortion, the government obviously cannot be the decision maker as it is irrefutably a personal and individualistic issue! And this should essentially, and primarily, be decided by the mother who is birthing the new Soul. Not even the family has the right to make such a value decision!
If you wish to read more on this topic, on how a Soul makes its Contract Plan before descending into human reincarnation, all about Karma and various metaphysical topics do visit this link: http://www.sangeetahanda.com/book.html (Your Final Appointment in Destiny)
Sangeeta G Handa

There are Light Beings on earth who have cleared certain karmic load and are able to see beyond the veil. There are Occult Beings whose lives aren’t like those of normal humans on earth, with families and earthly commitments. They walk singularly and quietly amidst the maddening crowd and, only those with a singular eye can see them. Wisdom-gathering is often a solitary path and can seem rather intellectual and detached. When such people express their Truth in public it creates waves of upsurge as the double eyed beings with commendable mental activity cannot understand how such a being can know what they don’t. Their walk and talk raise, not ripples but, voluminous heat emissions of rebellious activity. But they continue to walk with the ‘Knowing’ all is in accordance to the Will of God. Because, their will is not the human free-will but, the Will of the Creator. They are strong and can weather the human storm. They stand steadfast in the Light of God, emitting Light which does the work. They are the Being-ness not with a human blueprint of duality. They live here but dwell in the Energy of Beyond.

Sangeeta G Handa is a Light Being. She is an Occult Worker. An Exorcist of dual energy. A Scribe and Recorder of the Akashic Records. Her writings are not from duality. Graduation does not occur until you are fully ready to take everything you’ve learned and make a full-life commitment to use it to help others.

“The Soul has no face! The Soul has no Body! The Soul has no earth Identity!  I’m not the body,  I AM the Soul!  Om Namah Shivaye! I AM Shiva”

Sangeeta has two books out:
YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY: Scribed by Lord Buddha, Thoth, Saint Germain, and Sangeeta G Handa

THE VOICE OF SILENCE: Scribed by Lord Sanat Kumara, Goddess Venus, and Sangeeta G Handa



Source: http://www.newrealities.com/