Scientists Who Discovered GMOs Cause Tumors in Rats WIN Landmark Defamation Lawsuit in French Court

Anti-GMO scientist wins court order after attack.

French researcher Professor Giles-Eric Seralini and his team from the University of Caan made some startling discoveries when testing the long-term dangers of GMO’s.


They intended to look at the long term effects of eating genetically modified corn, that had been saturated with Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup.

Although there were primarily looking for evidence of toxicity in the lab rats they used in the study, another very apparent side effect made itself known.

The rats all started to develop huge tumors, and pictures of the unfortunate rats were shared many times in the media, due to how shocking the pictures appeared.

The power and influence of pro-GMO companies and, of course, Monsanto who won’t hear a bad word against genetically modified crops or their chemical pesticides soon got hold of the pictures, and they were not about to let Seralini ruin the GMO name.

A highly publicized media attack was launched on Seralini, led by former Monsanto scientist Richard E. Goodman.

 Seralini’s study was originally published in the science journal Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT), but after realizing how damaging to their industry it could be, Goodman persuaded editor-in-chief of FCT Wallace Hayes to remove the article, stripping the study and Seralini of all credibility.

Hayes tried to explain the decision by saying that it was not ‘fraudulent or inaccurate’ but that it had been ‘inconclusive’, nothing to do with the fact that is was highly damaging to the GMO industry who had power and influence over him.

Thankfully, Seralini believed in his paper enough to fight back, and formed the Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering.

Unhappy that he had been mostly attacked over the pictures of the tumors, which he had never intended to be the create the media sensation that it did, he wanted people to focus on what he originally intended to look at – the toxicity of GMO’s and pesticides.

The team successfully sued Marianne Magazine and it’s feature journalist Jean-Claude Jaillet for his piece in which he claimed Seralini was guilty of “scientific fraud in which the methodology served to reinforce predetermined results”.

The lawsuit highlighted that it had been Henry Miller working on behalf of pro-GMO Forbes Magazine who had instigated the libelous claims and justice was served.

Sad though it is that Prof. Seralini had to take such drastic measure to simply be believed in the science world, it shows to what lengths the pro-GMO brigade are prepared to go to in order to continue their agenda.