Shameless vaccine promoters now using zoo animals for propaganda: Baby gorilla “gets his flu shot”

Image: Shameless vaccine promoters now using zoo animals for propaganda: Baby gorilla “gets his flu shot”

As more Americans are wising up to the sham of vaccination, Big Pharma and the mainstream media are conjuring up pro-vaccine propaganda whenever they can. Now, the vaccine industry is stooping so low as to use zoo animals to fuel their  agenda. And at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, a baby gorilla was just given his first flu shot — a prime choice for any industry looking to woo consumers. Who can resist cute baby animals?

Moke, a 7-month-old lowland gorilla, received the flu vaccine at the end of November, according to an update from primate keeper Melba Brown. Brown says that the vaccination was part of their usual “health care regimen” for gorillas.

“One day, flanked by both his parents, he turned around and hoisted that leg up, at which point the vaccine was successfully injected. He did not even flinch! True to his remarkable persona, Moke simply turned around and accepted a grape halve, as did Calaya and Baraka,” Brown writes in the update.

Animals are known for being notoriously good at hiding pain; it’s their instinct to avoid showing vulnerability. Surely Brown, an expert in wildlife, is aware of this fact. Just because Moke did not react in a way that a human would recognize as “pain,” does not mean the shot didn’t hurt him. Moreover, as an animal, Moke and other gorillas are not even able to consent to, nor truly understand, the process of vaccination.

At the time of Brown’s reporting, Moke weighed just 12.6 pounds.

It also makes you wonder, if gorillas need flu shots, then why aren’t the vaccine companies running around the world capturing all wild animals (elephants, whales, deer, zebra, wolves) and making sure they all get their flu shots? Furthermore, if flu shots are necessary for wild animals to survive, how did all these animals ever survive before the invention of human vaccines?

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Animals now being used to promote vaccine propaganda

What the National Zoo’s update on Moke’s flu shot doesn’t tell you is that flu vaccination is a highly controversial topic. While the mainstream media and other puppets of the vaccine industry, including the CDC, insist that flu vaccination is the best, most efficient way to prevent influenza, time and time again, we see that the flu vaccine for humans has an astronomical rate of failure and adverse events.

Natural News has repeatedly reported on the fraudulent and dangerous nature of the entire vaccine industry on many occasions, with founder Mike Adams recently declaring that the flu shot amounts to nothing more than “systemic healthcare fraud.”

The heavy politicization of Moke’s flu shot has nothing to do with the baby gorilla’s well-being, and everything to do with advancing so-called public health initiatives. Vaccine propaganda is everywhere, especially now that reports are showing most adults in the United States have not gotten inoculated this season.

A title from The Chicago Tribune reads, “A shot to save grandma: If vaccination rates rise just 1 percentage point, 807 won’t die from flu.”

The Washington Post‘s piece on Moke is titled, “Gorilla, susceptible like us, to flu, gets his shot at National Zoo,” — another attempt at subtly urging readers to get their own shot.

Cute animals are another tool of propaganda experts: Beyond baby Moke’s flu shot, there’s the left-wing media’s manipulation of “gay” penguins. Scientists have found that males will “pair” together out of loneliness and a lack of females within their colony. Every “homosexual” penguin pair studied has split up once more females become available — including the famed Silo and Roy, who were kept together for six years, until a new female was introduced to their colony. But the media continues to use and abuse these animals to suit their needs. Whether it’s forcing flu shots onto unsuspecting (and non-consenting!)  animals, or making penguins “gay” to advance their own agenda, it’s clear that the animals are the victims here.

Coincidentally enough, Moke’s vaccination story has been circulating at around the same time a Las Vegas man lost his vision, became partially paralyzed and lost his ability to breathe without assistance after getting his own flu shot.

The Insanity of Mainstream Media’s Medical Advice

The Insanity of Mainstream Media’s Medical Advice


We’ve all heard that coffee is bad for you. Or is it good for you? Butter and eggs used to be bad for you, but now they’re good… or are they?

The mainstream media is constantly reporting on new scientific medical studies, dishing out more advice than a doctor on what (and what not) to consume to maintain our health. One month something will kill you, the next month it will save your life.

Take this recent example. A couple weeks ago, The Telegraph reported that, based on a new scientific study, all adults over the age of 50 should take aspirin every single day as a preventative measure to stave off cancer and heart disease. Everyone. Regardless of their previous warnings.

Are you over 50? Is your mom? Your grandma? Well according to The Telegraph’s reporting on this new study, you better be taking a daily aspirin every day for a decade. As The Telegraph reported:

“Middle-aged adults should take aspirin every day for ten years, according to scientists who found it could save more than 6,000 lives a year by preventing cancer and heart disease. Daily aspirin can prevent up to one third of cancers of the bowel, throat and stomach and can halve the risk of dying in some cases, according to the the largest, most comprehensive analysis of the drugs use.”

The article goes on to downplay the risks associated with taking a daily aspirin, stating: “It comes after previous research raised concerns about the side effects of aspirin, which include bleeding and ulcers. The new study found that while there was a small increased risk of a stroke, stomach bleeding and ulcers, the benefits of taking aspirin made it a ‘good bet’.”

A “small” increased risk of a stroke? Hm. That must be why the exact same media outlet reported back in December that “a daily aspirin may do more harm than good”, and noted that researchers at that time were claiming that regularly taking aspirin led to a 37 percent increased risk of internal bleeding and 38 percent increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

So which is it? Aspirin is good to stave off heart disease, but only if you want a nearly 40 percent increased risk of suffering a potentially deadly hemorrhagic stroke? How is that even remotely a “good bet”? Anyone??

Corporate Junk Science

So, listen to The Telegraph and go ahead and take aspirin every day for 10 years, you know… just in case. Never mind that it is already on record that drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration kill 100,000 people every year who took the drugs as prescribed – this latest study claims it will save 6,000 lives. Notably, The Telegraph reporter doesn’t declare this little factoid about prescription death rates on the aspirin study until the very last line of her article: “Several of the authors of the analysis declared that they have worked for the pharmaceutical industry connected to aspirin but that the findings and conclusions in the study do not represent their respective organisations.

The Insanity of Mainstream Media’s Medical Advice














This is the other side of “science” — the bought-and-paid-for “science” conducted to paint the proper picture for whatever industry is funding it. Sadly though, most people do not read articles all the way to the end. Most casual mainstream media customers will read a headline and if it grabs them, they might skim the first few paragraphs, meaning they will seldom read the part where the industry itself is essentially revealed to be paying for the so-called “science” that propagates the false belief that these profitable products are good for them.

And this is just one example. This happens all the time, to the point that most people don’t know what’s healthy or not anymore, based on mainstream media standards. This isn’t to say that science gets everything wrong, obviously, but it illustrate that science can be paid for by corporate interests to say what those interests want it to say. And even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Nature’s Solutions

Dr. Russell Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer who has dedicated his work to actually looking at the root cause of health issues so they can truly be cured with natural means, rather than patching over symptoms with potentially harmful pharmaceutical treatments that are never actually intended to “cure” anything in the first place (because there’s no real money to be made in cures).

Writing on aspirin as a blood thinner in his book Health and Nutrition Secrets, Dr. Blaylock says that strokes are a huge concern with taking a daily aspirin, noting, “One of the largest stroke-prevention studies using aspirin, the Physician’s Health Study, involved 22,000 physicians and found that patients taking aspirin had twice as many brain hemorrhages as those who did not take aspirin.”

Dr. Blaylock went on to point out that that the problem with just taking a daily aspirin to prevent strokes and heart attacks is that it doesn’t do anything to strengthen the actual blood vessels themselves, something people who are concerned with heart issues should definitely take into consideration. Basically a weak blood vessel carrying thinned out blood is the perfect set up for a stroke. Makes sense.

Blaylock goes on to say that the herb Gingko Biloba not only thins the blood, but helps strengthen the collagen and elastin in blood vessel walls. In addition, flavonoids contained in Ginkgo biloba protect from free radical damage. These benefits are in addition to other numerous health effects of Ginkgo Biloba as reported by numerous other natural health outlets, including:

  • Enhances memory
  • Uplifts the spirit
  • Strengthens the eyes
  • Relaxes constricted blood vessels
  • Improves circulation
  • Acts as an energy restorative
  • Provides antioxidant boost
  • Relieves tension and anxiety

But Ginkgo biloba isn’t a manufactured chemical produced for a Big Pharma company in the past 100 years; it’s a plant that has been around for millions of years and has been used medicinally since long before aspirin was ever synthesized. But what does nature know? But by now, if we believe mainstream media’s medical advice, we should all be asking ourselves how anyone anywhere in the history of humanity managed to live to be over 60 before we could take aspirin every single day. Insanity.

Mainstream Media FINALLY Discusses Dangers of Fluoride and Other Toxins.

Independent studies from scientists around the world have been screaming out for years about the poisons we’re exposed to on a daily basis. But those screams have largely fallen on deaf ears. The toxic substances we come in contact with in our day to day lives are slowly poisoning us, and naturopaths, homeopaths, dieticians and alternative media have all been covering it and advising us on how to avoid them for many years now.

neurotoxicants - mainstrea media

Unfortunately most people don’t go to a naturopath or a homeopath, or even bother to look for an alternative information source to mainstream media.

Well, we’re finally in luck! Every now and again a nugget of truth makes its way into the corporate controlled media, and to the homes of millions of people around the world. Recently, CNN published a piece called “Putting the Next Generation of Brains in Danger“.

“Dr. Philip Landrigan at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and Dr. Philippe Grandjean from Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, authors of the review published Friday in The Lancet Neurology journal, say the news is so troubling they are calling for a worldwide overhaul of the regulatory process in order to protect children’s brains”.

Neurotoxicant Dangers
A neurotoxicants is a substance that impacts brain development and can cause a number of neurodevelopmental disabilities, including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, dyslexia and other cog

Dr. Landrigan and Dr. Grandjean have now added six more chemicals to that list. They are: manganese, tetrachloroethylene, a class of chemicals called polybrominated diphenyl ethers (or flame retardants), two pesticides, chlorpyrifos (widely used in agriculture) and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethanitive damage, according to the researchers. The researchers named five toxic substances known as neurotoxicants: lead, methylmercury, arsenic, polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, and or DDT…. and most importantly, fluoride!

That’s right, doctors from the prestigious Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the equally prestigious Harvard School of Public Health have both publicly named and shamed fluoride! Yes, fluoride is a known neurotoxicant.

fluoride = cancer

So why is is still being added to our public drinking water supplies?

Alarmingly, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States (known more commonly as the CDC) has listed water fluoridation as amongst their Top Ten Great Public Health Achievements in the 20th Century. Let’s hope that CDC administrators have CNN on their web browser favourites list.

fluoride = cancer

Other Toxicants
It doesn’t stop there though. Much to my amazement, CNN actually posted another article, entitled: 7 Other Chemicals in Your Food, and also linked to it to the article I mentioned above. In it, CNN calls out yet another seven potentially harmful chemicals that are commonly put into our food; chemicals that are also found in products such as varnishes, resins, adhesives, Viagra, cosmetics, cigarette filters…. and even ground up insects.

Given how long this kind of information has been circulating in alternative news circles, it’s strange that this particular study has seen the light of day and made its way into the mainstream. Even the tabloid newspaper Sydney Morning Herald picked up on it here in Australia.

Either way it’s great to see this type of research finally getting mainstream exposure.