Why is John Wick rated so high on Rotten Tomatoes? Is it that good?

Well why do you think some movies are rated so good? Because they are actually good movies. Same is the case with John Wick.

Don’t scroll down if you have not seen it…spoiler zone….

The movie is very simple and realistic and it is the first and foremost reason why it is rated 86% on tomatometer. I mean seriously who kills a total of 84 people over a goddamn puppy and a stolen car. The movie has a swift flow of action throughout and Keanu Reeves’s effortless acting makes it perfectly likeable

There is a sub- world created in the movie that makes it more compelling to watch. The sub-world it creates –accessible only to assassins, criminals, and gangsters who have their own rules, cliques, and currency – is as fun to watch as the action itself. It’s like being temporarily granted VIP access to a place you didn’t even know existed. It just happens to be a place that could probably kill you in two seconds. And John Wick shows you why he is the best there is in that world.

All in all the movie is quite interesting and even if you are not an action lover believe me you are gonna love it. That’s the charisma John Wick creates in the movie.