SHOCK STUDY: Ten percent of Canadian females receiving HPV vaccines are sent to Emergency Rooms… scientists declare rate to be ‘low’ for vaccines –

A shocking new science study funded by the Alberta Ministry of Health and published in the VACCINE science journal has found that nearly 10 percent of Canadian females end up in emergency rooms (the “Emergency Department” in Canadian vernacular) following HPV vaccine injections.

The study is entitled Adverse events following HPV vaccination, Alberta 2006-2014 and is also found at this source.

Even more shockingly, vaccine researchers funded by the Alberta Ministry of Health declare this 10% emergency room visitation rate to be “low” and “consistent with those seen elsewhere [with vaccines].”

This shocking admission unveils a highly disturbing truth about routine vaccinations given to children and teens: They are well known to cause emergency room visits, hospitalizations and adverse effects among those receiving them. This science paper, in fact, just confirmed all that while calling the entire phenomenon safe.

195,270 girls tracked after receiving HPV vaccine injections… 9.9% ended up in emergency rooms in just 42 days

In the study, authored by Xianfang C. Liu and others, 195,270 females received one or more HPV vaccine injections and were monitored for 42 days.

As the study clearly states in its results, ” Of the women who received HPV vaccine 958 were hospitalized and 19,351 had an [Emergency Department] visit within 42 days of immunization.”

That’s 9.9% of the females receiving the injections. Not only were 19,351 sent to emergency rooms, 958 of the females were hospitalized, meaning they endured overnight stays at the hospital to treat some serious condition. That comes to about 1 out of every 200 persons receiving the vaccine injection.

None of this is surprising to those who are aware of 75% of vaccine recipients in a Mexican town winding up hospitalized or dead following vaccinations.

Here’s a capture from the study itself, admitting the 19,351 who ended up in the Emergency Department (ED).

So how are these vaccines “safe” if they send so many people to the emergency department?

Now, consider the context in which these data are being published in a peer-reviewed science journal. We are all routinely told by vaccine proponents and “science bullies” who troll the internet that vaccines have no side effects. They’re perfectly safe, delivering 100% safety and efficacy, with no risks whatsoever. As proof, check out this story: Australian Health Minister utters the most insanely stupid anti-science statement ever recorded… ‘no risks in vaccinating children’.

And yet, every time we take a look at the published science — in this case funded by the Canadian government, no less! — we find horrifyingly high numbers of dangerous adverse effects, emergency room visits and hospitalizations. When we point out these scientific observations, we are called “anti-science” by irrational vaccine fanatics who, in reality, have long abandoned anything resembling real science.

Furthermore, when scientists observe these horrifying rates of hospitalizations, emergency department visits and venous thromboembolism, they declare such events to be “low”. Their conclusions reveal two things about vaccine science, both of which are absolutely shocking:

1) Vaccines really are sending huge numbers of people to emergency rooms and hospitals, as is admitted in this study.

2) Doctors and scientists consider this to be totally normal. They do not see any cause for alarm in 10% of vaccine recipients ending up in the Emergency Department.

It makes you wonder at what percentage of emergency room visits might pro-vaccine doctors finally experience alarm bells going off in their heads. What if the emergency room visitation rate were 20%? 40%? 50%? Would those rates also be considered “normal” in order to cover up the truth about vaccine damage? Is there any point at which a pro-vaccine zealot will admit vaccines are not 100% safe, or are vaccines supposed to be obediently believed in a faith-based fashion to be beyond scientific and medical scrutiny?

The truth is that vaccines earn money for the medical establishment due to the medical complications they cause

What can we possibly conclude from all this?

1) Vaccines are major revenue drivers for hospitals. The revenue generated from 19,351 vaccine recipients visiting the emergency room, even if each visit only cost $500, would be $9.67 million.

2) When doctors or scientists say vaccines are “safe,” in their minds that definition clearly includes huge numbers of vaccine recipients ending up in the emergency room. This stands in great contrast to what the public hears in the claim that vaccines are “safe.” In the public’s mind, “safe” means nobody ends up in the hospital or emergency room. If automobiles were as “safe” as these vaccines, then 10% of people who buy a new brand of car would end up in an accident in the first 42 days. No rational person would declare that automobile to be “safe.”

3) Government-funded scientists are incapable of reaching rational, scientific conclusions on the subject of vaccines. Sadly, government funding for scientific research — whether carried out by the EPA, FDA, CDC, USDA or any other agency — is contingent upon researchers arriving at the conclusions which are desired by government. Because government wants to push unsafe vaccines for a long list of reasons discussed elsewhere on Natural News and, it only funds scientists whose research supports the politicized conclusions of government.

4) The mainstream media is engaged in a large-scale cover-up of the real dangers of HPV vaccines and other vaccines. Can you imagine the media outcry if some other product resulted in 10% of its customers visiting the emergency room within 42 days? If any food, dietary supplement or medicinal herb caused such a shockingly high number of ER visits, stories about it would be exploding all over the media. Yet when the culprit is a vaccine, the response from the media is a complete blackout of all reporting that might be critical of vaccine safety.

HPV vaccines

EU to begin investigating HPV vaccines linked to permanent brain damage in children.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA), the European Union agency responsible for protecting the public by supervising medicine, announced last Monday that it would conduct an investigation regarding the safety of human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines.

HPV vaccines are purportedly intended to prevent genital warts and cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women worldwide. Approximately 70 million people have used HPV vaccine since they were first introduced in 2006, although it is difficult to asses how many vaccines are actually administered worldwide, since most countries do not record administered doses.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies have dismissed claims that HPV vaccines are tied to a host of adverse side effects. EMA’s decision to conduct an investigation is a small victory in the sense that it at least acknowledges that the HPV vaccine may be linked to adverse reactions.


There have been many reports of young girls in the UK regarding the adverse effects of HPV vaccines. Thirteen-year-old Ashleigh Cave, for example, became paralyzed from the waist down after receiving the Cervarix HPV vaccine. Cheryl Cave, Ashleigh’s mother, believes that her daughter was poisoned by the aluminum in the drug.

There are other reports too, such as 18-year-old Leah Mann, who collapsed 10 days after she had been vaccinated. Leah had to drop out of a college course due to a sudden onset of seizures. Doctors were at a loss to explain why Leah had developed what appeared to be epilepsy. They speculated that antidepressants, which she had been taking for a year with no adverse reactions, were the culprit behind her symptoms, rather than the vaccine.

Despite these disturbing reports, EMA claims the investigation does not undermine HPV vaccines, and that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks. This is a rather odd, and biased, conclusion, given that the results of the study have yet to be seen. In addition, the agency does not recommend changing the use of these products. Nevertheless, EMA plans to explore a possible connection between two conditions: complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).

CRPS is a chronic pain condition that affects the limbs and typically develops after a heart attack, stroke or surgery. While there are pain-relieving options for CRPS, it is a chronic condition that may be incurable. POTS symptoms include an excessive heart rate that occurs upon adjusting to an upright posture. A person with POTS can experience an increase of 30 heart beats per minute or more upon standing up, and 120 beats per minute while walking.


The investigation kindles many questions, however. Their are a host of adverse reactions that have been associated with the HPV vaccine. Why, then, are officials only focusing on CRPS and POTS? Both conditions are loosely defined and difficult to diagnose. People can live for years with either of these conditions without proper diagnosis. Could it be that EMA chose these two disorders in an effort keep the number of adverse reaction reports low?

For example, POTS in no way explains why Ashleigh Cave is paralyzed from the waist down, nor is there a clear connection between CRPS and Leah’s seizures. The investigation seems tailored to exclude reports about adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine. CROPS and CRPS explain some of the symptoms from the HPV vaccine, but certainly not all of them.

Victims of the HPV vaccine are looking for answers. The investigation has its shortcomings, but it is at least an acknowledgment of the risk that vaccines pose.