Doctors Want Sugar and ‘Cancer-Causing’ Foods Out of Hospitals

Doctors Want Sugar and 'Cancer-Causing' Foods Out of Hospitals

A major doctors’ group hopes to put an end to a great irony served up daily at most U.S. hospitals: The food offered there tends to contribute to obesity, diabetesheart disease, stroke and cancer — the very same conditions for which many of the hospital patients are seeking treatment.

Refried, frozen chicken patties on doughy white bread; greasy pizza slicesthat turn the paper plate translucent; waxy, flavorless beans poured straight from a can constituting the only vegetable option; orange drink purporting to have 10 percent real orange … So much for a hospital being a beacon of health.

At its annual meeting on June 14, the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates, which represents more than 200,000 physician members, issued a policy statement that called for the reduction of sugar-sweetened beverages and processed meats, and an increase in the availability of healthful, plant-based foods in hospitals. [7 Foods You Can Overdose On]

Under the resolution, physicians and hospital staff are encouraged not only to counsel their patients about the health consequences of a poor diet but also to lead by example by offering healthier foods at the hospital.

Specifically, the resolution states that the “American Medical Association hereby call on U.S. hospitals to improve the health of patients, staff, and visitors by (1) providing a variety of healthful food, including plant-based meals and meals that are low in fat, sodium, and added sugars, (2) eliminating processed meats from menus, and (3) providing and promoting healthful beverages.”

Removing sugary drinks from vending machines and replacing them with water, unflavored milk, and unsweetened teas and coffees may be the easiest place to start making hospital food choices healthier, according to the AMA.

“Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to some of the nation’s most debilitating diseases, and limiting the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages will go a long way toward helping people prevent the onset of these diseases, improve health outcomes and rein in health costs associated with chronic diseases,” Dr. William E. Kobler, an AMA board member who was part of the policy decision, said in a statement from the organization.

Yet health experts have lamented for years that hospitals’ food options, not just the drinks, are unhealthy — a concept that contradicts hospitals’ health-oriented mission. A study published in 2002 in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that more than a third of the top 16 U.S. hospitals had contracts with fast-food restaurants to offer their food in the hospital.

Similarly, a 2014 study conducted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a nonprofit health group of 12,000 doctors who advocate plant-based diets, found that more than 20 percent of the 208 hospitals they surveyed housed fast-food restaurants. The same study found that the cafeteria food in these hospitals, where the staff eats every day, was dominated by foods that were high in sugar, salt and cholesterol, such as processed meats. [9 Snack Foods: Healthy or Not?]

Speaking at the AMA meeting, PCRM President Dr. Neal Barnard compared unhealthy food served in hospitals to tobacco. “A generation ago, the AMA supported doctors who were working to get tobacco out of their hospitals. And that helped everyone, especially those patients who needed to break a bad habit,” Barnard said in testimony.

Barnard noted that, as with cigarettes, hot dogs and similar processed meats are now known to contain cancer-causing agents. “[M]any doctors and administrators would like to replace them with healthier foods,” he said.

The Washington, D.C.-based PCRM started a national campaign in 2016 to encourage hospitals to ban processed meats such as hot dogs, which are a choking hazard for children. Several hospitals have since pledged to remove these foods as a result of the campaign.

The tide may be turning elsewhere, as well. A 2015 study published in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports found that creating hospital gardens for staff, patients and the community can lower rates of obesity in communities they serve and reduce public health disparities by providing more people with easy access to fresh, healthy, plant-based foods. More than 100 hospitals have such gardens, the study found.

So the day might come when you can go to the hospital to fix a broken leg and not have to return for a hospital-food-induced angioplasty.

Other policy resolutions announced at the AMA meeting included reducing the consumption of sugary drinks nationwide, destigmatizing obesity, strengthening vaccine policy and using the phrase “gun violence mitigation” in lieu of “gun control,” among 11 other resolutions.

16 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Never Put In Your Mouth Again

Cancers can be prevented

The American Institute for Cancer states on their website, “Research has shown that most cancers can be prevented. Scientists now estimate that 60 percent to 70 percent of cancers are all preventable through currently available information and simple changes in diet and lifestyle.” With that encouraging statement in mind, this article addresses changes you can make in your day to day dietary lifestyle that will not only improve your health, but help you to avoid toxins that can increase your chance of cancer.

Watch the slideshow. URL:

Top 6 Cancer Causing Foods to Avoid .

The word cancer makes us all cringe; we all know someone who has had. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 1 million people in the United States get cancer each year.


There are many factors that attribute to cancer including genetics, lifestyle, tobacco use, diet, and physical activity. Certain exposures can also add to the risk for cancer such as radiation and chemicals. I personally believe your diet can make or break a situation, and I do not think cancer is any different. People have become so entwined into the western way of eating, and it is killing us!

There are many foods that you can eat to help prevent cancer, but if you are eating huge quantities of bad processed food than you are being counterproductive.  So let’s take a look at the foods that you should cut out of your diet, to keep you healthy and happy with a long life!

  1. Processed Meats

Hotdogs, lunch meat, bacon, and sausages are over loved unhealthy foods! You may love them, but they are among the worst of the worst for your health. When you eat foods like this, you are more than likely getting a huge serving of sodium nitrate, which is added to processed or cured meats as preservatives, flavoring, and color fixative. Unfortunately, nitrites can be converted into cancer-causing nitrosamines in your body, which may explain why numerous studies have linked processed meat consumption to cancer.

  1. Red and well-done meats

Red meat is a favorite among many, but there is evidence that eating too much red meat can increase your risk for cancer. One study found that eating red meat daily increased men’s risk of dying from cancer 22 percent and women’s by 20 percent.

Charred or Well Done: Another factor is the way you cook your meat! Well-done and char-grilled are among the worst offenders. Studies have shown that eating meat cooked at high temperatures increases your risk of cancer, and at least part of the reason is due to toxic chemical byproducts. When amino acids and creatine interact with high cooking temperatures, heterocyclic amines are formed.

  1. French Fries and Potato Chips

Potato chips and other snack chips and fries may contain high levels of acrylamide, another carcinogenic substance that forms when foods like potatoes are heated at high temperatures, such as with frying or baking.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stated that the levels of acrylamide in foods pose a “major concern” and that more research is needed to determine the

  1. Processed foods

More than likely if it comes frozen, in a box, or you can get it in the drive through you do not need it. These types of “food” are filled with preservatives, chemicals, refined sugars, and additives. That do a lot of harm to your body as a whole including being one of the top causes of cancer!

  1. Aspartame

If it says, Splenda or aspartame put it down and walk away! Aspartame is found in all sorts of foods, drinks, and even most gums!

  1. Excess Alcohol

There is a strong scientific consensus of the link between alcohol drinking and several types of cancer. The more alcohol a person regularly drinks  over time—the higher his or her risk of developing an alcohol-associated cancer. Just like with everything in life moderation is key!