With INFANTICIDE now a core “value” of Democrats, all decent, life-loving human beings must denounce the Democrat party

Image: With INFANTICIDE now a core “value” of Democrats, all decent, life-loving human beings must denounce the Democrat party

There’s no two ways about it anymore: the Democrat Party is evil beyond words. And with the Democrats’ recent voting down of a bill, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, that would have protected the lives of newly-born children from being murdered alive by abortionists, it’s now undeniably evident that there’s no possible way for decent human beings who support human rights and life in general to, in any way, identify as Democrats.

As if their love for abortion wasn’t already bad enough, today’s Democrats see nothing wrong with delivering the child victims of failed abortions and allowing them to die on the delivery table, all in the name of “reproductive rights” and “choice.” This newfound adoption of infanticide, a.k.a. baby murder, as one of their core “values” proves once and for all that Democrats hate human life, and openly embrace the “progressive” policy of murdering babies after they’ve already left the womb.

We might as well start referring to the Democrat Party as the Death Party – the party that will “cry” over the deaths of children whenever it suits their agenda of trying to scrap the Second Amendment, but that hoots, hollers, cheers, and claps when legislation is passed and signed that allows newborn babies to be chopped into bits and trashed as “medical waste” upon breathing their first breath of air.

There’s certainly no place for real Christians in the Democrat Party, which embraces pretty much every evil thing that the Bible condemns. Whether it’s brainwashing innocent children into believing that there are unlimited genders, or silencing free speech about the dangers of vaccines, the Democrat Party wants to destroy all that is good and wholesome, and replace it with every type of vice and wickedness.

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Things have taken a major turn for the worse since 2002, when a bipartisan Senate UNANIMOUSLY affirmed that born-alive children are human beings deserving of life

Believe it or not, it wasn’t that long ago that Democrats, or at least some of them, still had some level of conscience within their beings. Back in 2002, in fact, Democrats in the Senate unanimously, along with Republicans, voted to pass the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. This bill recognized all born children as “human persons,” affording them the same rights and protections as all other humans.

But somehow over the years, the Democrat Party decided that granting human life status to newborn babies infringed upon “women’s rights,” and here we are today.

“In just over a decade and a half, Democrats have gone from ‘safe, legal, and rare abortions’ to ‘kill ’em all and don’t stop when they’re born,’” writes Matt Walsh for The Daily Wire. “Many of us warned that the first slogan would lead eventually to the second. We take no pleasure in our vindication.”

As you may recall, it was the Republican Party that had to step up to the plate in the past to stamp out another evil known as slavery, which was openly embraced by the Democrat Party. And it’s now up to Republicans once again to intervene on behalf of society’s most vulnerable, unborn and newborn babies, to protect them from the Democrat Party death cult.

“It is probably not a coincidence that the Democrat Party, through its long and sordid history, has supported both of those peculiar institutions,” Walsh adds about the Democrats’ support for both slavery and baby murder.

“What a force for evil it has been. But what amazing consistency – to always fall on the wrong side of every human rights issue.”

Parent’s worst nightmare: Wave of babies born in Japan with extra arms and legs due to Fukushima radiation… Stillbirth numbers on the rise.

Five years after the Fukushima nuclear accident, local residents are reporting a marked increase in serious birth defects, but due to an ongoing coverup by Japanese authorities, and a severe lack of scientific studies being performed, very little information on the subject is reaching the public.

A February, 2016 broadcast on LaborNet TV featured interviews with evacuees from the affected areas near the Daiichi nuclear plant, who provided firsthand accounts of babies being born with extra limbs caused by a structural birth defect called polymelia.


‘Inconvenient pregnancies,’ abortions and stillbirths

The interviewees also reported a large number of stillbirths, as well as numerous abortions performed due to “inconvenient pregnancies” – in other words, pregnancies in which birth defects were detected prenatally, causing doctors to recommend abortion procedures.

Setsuko Kida, one of the women interviewed, said:

“My daughter [got] pregnant in the fall of 2013, but she was diagnosed with tethered miscarriage… the womb grew… but her unborn baby didn’t grow at all…

“So she had the abortion. My daughter called and told her friend about her abortion… She was told that out of 4 in her friends group, 3, including herself, had abortion during early pregnancy. The only one who could give birth was told by her doctor that she was unable to give birth because of the baby’s weak heart sound…

“A nurse I knew told me that many get abortions in Fukushima. My daughter and friends are just a few of those…

“A year later I got to hear first hand cases of babies with a structural birth defect or polymelia…”

Although these firsthand accounts must be considered anecdotal evidence, the stories are compelling, and there’s little reason to doubt them. And these accounts are especially important since there have been so few studies conducted on health effects resulting from the disaster.

In fact, only two known studies involving changes in death and disease have been made available, and both indicate an increase in cancer and thyroid problems in Fukushima-area children.

As reported by Counter Punch:

“One [study] showed that 127 Fukushima-area children have developed thyroid cancer since the meltdown; a typical number of cases for a similar sized population of children would be about 5-10. The other study showed a number of ectopic intrathyroidal problems in local children – a disorder that is extremely rare. No other studies looking at changes in infant deaths, premature births, child cancers, or other radiation-sensitive diseases are available.”

The ongoing coverup

Despite the scientific and anecdotal evidence, the Japanese authorities are obviously attempting to coverup the extent of the effects of Fukushima radiation on the populace.

As Erin O’Flaherty wrote in an essay published by Activist Post: “They [the Japanese goverment] have since refused to discuss radiation, give no information about the harms of radiation, and have even gone so far as to say radiation is healthy.”

When people like Setsuko Kida dare to speak out, they are often silenced:

“I just shared the story about my daughter’s abortion and high number of stillbirths. Whenever I deliver such a message I’m told to shut up. People say it’s a delicate issue, bad influence on Fukushima reconstruction or no data to back up. But more than 10 girls had similar experience as my daughter’s. Actually one woman was recommended to get an abortion at 6 months pregnancy last summer, and her unborn baby lacking one arm, one leg, with only 3 fingers on its foot.”

Until the veil of secrecy is lifted, we can only speculate on how serious the effects of the Fukushima disaster have been already, and will continue to be. The Japanese government is guilty of a grave disservice to the people of Japan, and indeed the entire world.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/053731_Fukushima_radiation_birth_defects.html#ixzz46ORM6QVW

No wonder so many women are having abortions in their 20s .

Sadly the rise in abortions among my generation makes sense – who can afford to support a baby? But better contraception options are needed
‘It’s controversial, but I would like to see the morning-after pill available to bulk buy from pharmacies.’ Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian

New Department of Health statistics have found that mothers are more likely to have abortions than teenagers pregnant for the first time, with 53% of the women who had abortions last year already having a child.

The figures show that 185,331 abortions were carried out last year in England and Wales, a rise in line with population increase. But overall, the rate has dropped since 2003 to 15.9 abortions in 1,000.

The biggest drop in abortion rates (a third) was among under-18s, while in my own age group (25-29) so-called career-girl abortions – not a phrase I’ll be using until “career man” becomes common parlance – have risen 20% in the past 10 years.

Considering the recession, the rise in abortions among my generation makes sense. I barely know anyone who is in a financial position to support a baby, what with rent increases and pay freezes and widespread unemployment. In a climate where so many are scared for their jobs, I’d imagine young women are unsure as to what taking maternity leave might mean for their careers in the long run. That’s if they get maternity leave, of course – we freelancers are in an even more precarious position.

Financial constraints are affecting older women, too. Families are struggling to make ends meet, and may be unable to afford another child. We also know that the number of over-40s having unprotected sex is rising – partly because of divorce and new relationships (evenGuardian Soulmates may play a part) but also because, in terms of contraception, they are a much neglected group. Women will assume they are no longer fertile, or baby boomers may not have used contraception the first time round (“It was pre-Aids, darling,” my mother once said to me). Hence the Family Planning Association campaign of a few years back showcasing ugly 1970s outfits with the tagline:“Remember wearing this? Then remember to wear this,” with a picture of a condom.

That the rate among teenagers has dropped can be seen only as good news, reflecting the focus that has been placed on teenage pregnancy over the past 10 years, with schools and sexual health charities bombarding teenagers with contraception. That’s a huge change from my own time at school, when information was difficult to get hold of and the issue rarely talked about.

I always felt that the media hysteria over 13-year-olds being offered the pill was misplaced. Put them all on it, for all I care, because we know it works, just as we know that decent sex education won’t turn 8E into a class of shaggers overnight.

However, I wonder how much the rise in abortions taking place in women’s mid-to-late 20s is as related to poor access to contraception as it is financial constraints.

Several friends have been turned away from Brook clinics after reaching the cutoff age of 25, and quite rightly so. But the gap in services is not being adequately bridged, especially when you’re trying to get an appointment out of working hours. You can get the contraceptive pill without seeing a doctor via Lloyds Pharmacy by filling in a short questionnaire online and then going to pick it up on the same day, but many people are unaware of this. Access to the morning-after pill remains patchy – to obtain it for free, you might have to attend a clinic that is miles away. And pharmacists have the right to refuse you service – particularly problematic if it’s Sunday and you live in a rural area.

Furthermore, the frankly scandalous price, of £25 (it costs about €7 – £5.60 – in France over the counter) is prohibitive for many who may be unable to reach a free clinic or doctor’s surgery in time.

It’s controversial, but I would like to see the morning-after pill available to bulk-buy from pharmacies. At the moment, you can order it for immediate or future use online (most places charge £25 but I found one place that charges £6.50 a pill – duly bookmarked). Worryingly, though, the questionnaires are sometimes not that thorough, and most places will let you have no more than two at a time.

There is also the five-day-after pill, EllaOne – a drug barely anyone I know has heard of – that is available on prescription and, in some places, over the counter.

But I’d like to see women of all ages being better informed about their contraceptive choices – there is still a lot of stigma and misinformation out there. Let’s ensure that the focus on teenagers doesn’t detract from the need for better contraception services for older women.