Coronavirus COVID 19 as a bioweapon.

Corona virus is a BIO-weapon meant to cut down the population size (population control ) it was brought on the same agenda as HIV to reduce the number of black people on this planet thats all. What I have learned and noticed that they targeted the rich and famous to make you scared so that you will panic and go to the clinic and when you get there you will be told you are positive of corona virus you will be isolated in your isolation you will be told to take some vaccination remedies in order to prevent the spread of this disease meanwhile they inject you with the corona virus so basically wena you were corona free until you went to the clinic.Dont let these mere flu symptoms trick you to go the clinic its flu season a blocked nose ,sore throat ,sneeze is normal during flu season . What’s killing these Chinese and Italians is the 5G network that is being implemented by the USA and CHINA within this 5G technology there’s something called FIVEG which has a MICROWAVE FREQUENCY of 60GHz causing the electrons surrounding OXYGEN molecule to spin with each wave this has a nagative impact on the human BIOLOGY because wena you take in oxygen so this affects large organs such as your BRAIN .Those people who died in China (dropped dead) died from lack of oxygen not CODVID-19 . This is a business to boost the world’s economy targeting the rich and developing countries like SA and the above mentioned . Now ask yourself why aren’t there any case in countries with low GDP like Somalia ,Jamaica ,DRC its because they got nothing to gain there this is just another strategy to boost the global economy and reduce population at the same time killing two birds with one stone as they say . Our government is in on this knowingly or unknowingly .A lot of people are gonna die in this event of TRADE WARS.BLACK PEOPLE STAY WOKE.
A thousand may fall at your side ,ten thousand at your right hand but it will not come near you . PSALMS 91.7