Are cold showers healthy?


Cold showers provide energy

To enjoy a cold shower or a cold bath you will initially have to arm yourself with a little bit of courage, for the initial impact.

However, it is that same initial impact of the cold shower that allows the brain to receive signals to quickly warm the body

Cold showers make us breathe more deeply, to the point of heating the body naturally, while increasing total oxygen consumption.

Which in turn has an impact on the increase in heart rate, stimulating blood circulation throughout the body and increasing the level of energy during the day.

The body is more adaptable for future stress events and therefore generally more resistant.

Showers with cold water improve blood circulation

Showering with cold water promotes blood circulation throughout the body, provides better care to our vital organs and helps prevent heart disease.

Also, it strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, protects against varicose veins and hardens the arterial walls. It improves blood pressur , increases the pumping power of the heart and strengthens the body’s defenses.

Showers with cold water are excellent for skin and hair

Cold showers provide a refreshing and healthy look to the skin and hair .Hot water often causes our hair to become brittle, in addition to drying the skin.

The cold water contracts the pores and protects them from obstructions and prevents dirt from penetrating, tones the skin, promotes circulation and prevents excessive loss of oil from the skin.

The shiny appearance of the hair is due to the cold water, in addition, it strengthens the hair and also the hair follicles.

Sports performance improves when showering with cold water

Cold showers promote regeneration after muscle training, relieve muscle pain and help the body recover. Especially cold water baths after a workout relieve muscle pain and stimulate regeneration.

Cold showers promote fat burning

The human body has 2 types of adipose tissue, white fat and brown fat.

White fat is created when you consume more calories than necessary and do not burn as energy.

This type of fat accumulates around the waist, back, neck and legs.

On the contrary, brown fat is the good fat that generates heat to keep us warm.

It is activated when the temperatures are extreme.

Cold showers promote the activity of brown fat, increasing calorie consumption and reducing white fat.

All these characteristics are positive and good reasons to take daily cold showers.

The stimulating and invigorating effect on circulation in the long term has a very positive effect on our health, our well-being and our energy.

It is best to start today with the first cold water shower … I guarantee that it’s worth it.

Showering with cold water is ideal for depression

Cold showers cause an adrenaline rush.

The cold water stimulates the cold receptors in the skin, so that they send a quantity of electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve endings are sent in the direction of the brain.

This creates an antidepressant effect and improves mood.

For these reasons cold showers are very useful especially for depression and bad mood.

Simple trick to take cold showers

  • First start with a hot shower.
  • Rinse the soap with hot water
  • Go from warm water to warm water for one minute.
  • Two minutes with the least warm water possible.
  • Begin to introduce the water as cold as possible, another minute
  • One minute with cold water.
  • The last minutes with the water as cold as you can hold, you will see that you no longer want to get out of the shower.


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