This Is The Smartest Kid In The World And He Thinks CERN Destroyed Our Universe

Our universe is a miracle which is beyond our comprehension. However much we advance through science and begin to unravel the mysteries of the world, the more we get confused and messed up in them.

 No human can be said to know all the secrets of the universe, not even our most knowledgeable scientists. Science is not about facts; facts are easy to learn. Science is about exploring and questioning these pre-known facts and establishing new ones.

One such kid, Max Laughlin is definitely much smarter than the average 13-year-old or 30 year old for that matter and has been called the smartest kid on the planet earth. Before his 13th birthday, he had invented a device which was capable of giving free energy to everyone in the world (once the logistics of the production could be taken care of).

He has been discussing and debating extensively on the multi-verse theory and alternate realities for quite a while now and with the biggest brains in the business. He is one of the many physical theorists who are of the opinion that when CERN used the Hadron Collider, it leads to a permanent destruction of our universe as it existed. And now we are living in a parallel one, which was closest to our own in that space-time continuum.


Multiverse is the theory that says that our reality is not the only one which exists in our space-time continuum. In the beginning, when the universe began to take shape, right from the next instant it started spiraling outwards and kept forming parallel universes right next to each other. Down the line, through infinity, there has been an uncountable number of parallel universes. And we inhabit just one of these parallel universes.

How it happened

When CERN set off the super collider it destroyed one single electron. That immediately set off a chain reaction which annihilated our entire universe. We were shifted to the next closest universe to our own but we didn’t make the shift unscathed. Many were not able to accompany us and were left behind and forgotten. And the new universe we now inhabit, though similar to our own is not exactly the same. Here is the proof.

The Mandela effect

The Mandela effect is the phenomenon which best supports this theory. Not everyone remembers how Nelson Mandela died in the same way. There are also many pop culture references and real-world events that we swear to remember in a certain way than what is available to us through records. These little glitches are a proof that the reality we remember is different than the one we now inhabit.


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