10 Facts About Brain Work Which Prove We’re Capable of Anything.

We can really get anything which we set our mind to it, quite literally. And the reason is that we are gifted with the most amazing tool we could hope for.

Here is a list of 10 facts about brain functions which must make you feel thankful for your brain.

1. Our brain can think of both reality and imagination.

And it treats them equally. This is the reason why we get better when we feel better. Placebo is nothing short of magic.

2. Our brain can work tirelessly.

When we feel tired at the end of a long day, it is more due to emotions than actual brain fatigue. The physical flow of blood to the brain remains the same during the whole day.

3. The brain is working continuously and automatically.

Our brain keeps working even when we are not consciously making an effort to do so. And unless we guide our thoughts to the positive we will soon spiral out of control thinking of everything that can go wrong.

4. We can envision our thoughts.

If we think about anything hard enough, we can see it materialized before us, in the form of reminders and prompts. Thinking about ghosts a lot? You’ll see them everywhere. Thankfully it is true for the more positive things in life as well.

Effects of LSD on the Human Brain Are Trippy and Scans Reveal the Truth.

5. Our brain can be trained, just as our bodies.

We need exercises that keep our brain in shape. It also needs proper rest and nutrition. Proper sleep schedule and diet is as much necessary for our physical health as for our mental well being.

6. Our brain is working without any rest.

Unlike the body which is recuperating in sleep, the brain is working even harder when we are asleep, cataloging all our experiences and thoughts.
Brain activity never really stops until the moment of death.

7. And this is why shutting down is necessary.

We need our brain to rest, even if it doesn’t. Active rest works best. Otherwise, we will be engulfed in our own thoughts and might not even be able to work at all.

8. We keep renewing our memories because it is necessary to make space.

Our brain randomly clears out information to make way for new one. Even though it seems like a curse to forget the important stuff- there is a rather simple solution to it, revising things that you need to remember more often.

9. The human brain doesn’t really feel pain.

The brain is not physically able to feel pain itself. Though it is the brain which reacts to pain when we have hurt anywhere on our body, by itself, it has no pain receptors which can warn it of pain.

10. Our brain can really turn anything into a reality.

Our brain works by creating neural connections when we think of new thoughts. The kinds of thoughts we feel more often turn into stronger connections between our brain and dictate our actions even if we don’t realize it. There is a reason why our parents told us to only have happy thoughts.

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