What are the top 10 movies of 2017?


The big sick was probably the funniest movie I saw this year. It managed to bring a smile on my face throughout the movie. I loved Kumail Nanjiani’s performance in this movie, I think he did a very good job. Also Ray Romano, who plays the girl’s father was terrific and incredibly funny in his role. This is a kind of movie which I think anyone can watch and enjoy a lot. I highly recommend this one.


I am not a fan of action movies involving big car chase sequences. But I really loved this movie a lot and the reason is probably Edgar Wright’s Direction. He directed the shit out of this movie. It is so fast paced, not a single moment in this movie seems to drag and I was invested in the characters throughout. The music of this movie is incredible. The first thing I did after seeing this film was to download the soundtrack, it’s so amazing.


I was really confused whether to put this at 8 or 7. I think it was one of the first movies of 2017 that I saw and its memories are now a bit fuzzy for me. This movie was amazing. I loved every second of this film. It was so satisfying to see a good M. Night Shyamalan movie after a long time. It was a brilliant psychological thriller plus its ending was just mind blowing. But I think the best part of this film was James Mcavoy, his performance in this movie was probably my favourite of the year. I think he is a very underrated actor and deserves a lot of recognition for his work in this movie.

7 IT

Well when it comes to movies with kids in the lead roles, I think I become a little biased. IT was probably one of the most fun experiences I had watching a movie this year. The kids in this movie did a very great job and I loved the Losers club. Bill Skarsgård who played the role of Pennywise the clown was scary as hell and did a fantastic job. The thing that I love the most about this film was how it presents that real life horrors can be as much terrifying as the supernatural ones. I loved IT


After Batman, Spider Man is my favourite superhero of all time. I loved this movie much more than I thought would. I wasn’t very excited to watch this film, I am a big fan of Sam Rami’s first two spider man films and thought marvel would ruin my childhood superhero. But I was wrong, this movie blew me away. I was smiling throughout the film, it really captured the essence of spider man beautifully, being the superhero we all relate to. This movie wasn’t just a good superhero movie but also a great coming of age story. Also this movie finally gave us a good villain in a Marvel film after a long time. Michael Keaton as Venom was freaking awesome.


Wind River was the most surprisingly good film of this year. I loved every minute of this film. It was not just a very good murder mystery but more than that a great drama. The movie’s theme about loss and how to deal with it by accepting it was brilliant and was executed very well. Jeremy Renner’s performance in this movie was probably the his best performance I have ever seen, he was so amazing. The dialogues in this film were phenomenal, the cinematography was brilliant and also the score was just amazing. I think this film is one of the most overlooked films of the year. I strongly recommend this film.


Ever since I heard Denis Villeneuve was gonna direct the sequel to the original blade runner, I was damn excited for this movie. It was my most awaited films of the year and man this movie was amazing. Denis Villeneuve is one of my favourite directors working today. This movie was a visual treat from start to finish, you can literally take any shot of this film and can set it as your wallpaper. Roger Deakins Cinematography is probably the strongest aspect of this film. Also the themes of humanity presented in this film are phenomenal. Ryan Gosling again gave a very rich performance and his portrayal of his character was brilliant. Harrison Ford also gave a brilliant performance and watching him reprise his old role was amazing. In technical sense I think this movie is probably the best one of this year. This movie will inspire a generation of filmmakers to come.


Episode 8 of Star Wars was probably the most divisive movie of 2017. There are people who absolutely hate this film and people who think this is the best star wars film since the Empire Strikes Back. I belong to the latter part of the spectrum. The Last jedi was the most fun experience I had watching a film in theatre this year. I literally clapped when the movie ended. Now see I have never been a huge star wars fan, since I didn’t grew up watching star wars films. I watched the original trilogy in a day or two and then watched Force Awakens and Rogue one, never saw the prequels. This movie made me fall in love with the franchise. This movie did nothing that I was expecting to happen in this movie, and it was so amazing to see a film taking a lot of risks to tell a fresh story, probably the reason it pissed off the fans. The underlying message that the film tries to tell that there will never be a last jedi, that the heroic stories will continue to inspire a generations to come was I think very beautiful.


I think I am one of the very few people who enjoy X Men movies more than the MCU movies. I think the success of the first X Men movie was the reason we see so many superhero movies today. Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman has always been my favourite superhero character of all time. His last portrayal of this character in this film was one of the best portrayal of a comic book character (after heath ledger’s joker) I have ever seen. This movie I think is easily the best superhero movie since The Dark Knight. Hugh Jackman’s performance in this movie was so amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. Patrick Stewart also gave a mesmerizing performance in this film. It was great to see such a different look in the superhero genre, since most of the superhero movies we see today are action comedies. I think logan was one of the most emotional films of the year. I literally teared up in the end. There isn’t single flaw I could find in this movie and I have watched this movie now 2 times. I wish Hugh Jackman gets nominated for an Academy Award for this film but that probably won’t happen


Greta Gerwig directorial debut, Lady Bird is my favourite movie of 2017. I think it is the best coming of age film I have ever seen, and trust me I have seen a lot of such films. This movie was so beautiful. It occupied my full attention from start to finish and for a person like me its quite rare. I think everyone who sees this film can relate to its characters. The relationship between the mother and daughter portrayed in this film is incredible. Saoirse Ronan really killed it with her performance, she was just amazing. Also Laurie Metcalf who plays her mother was as good as her in this movie. Really the worst part of this film was that it ended, I wanted to see more of this movie as I was so much invested in the characters. I hope it wins the oscar for best film this year.


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