Protect Your Eyes From Digital Eye Strain & Improve Your Vision

Dear Smartphone User,

I love big, bright screens. I’m sure you love them too.

The displays are great and the HD clarity is a pleasure to watch.

Whether you’re watching videos on Youtube, experimenting with Instagram filters or playing your favourite game, HD screens are just amazing.

But let me ask you a simple question…
Do you know how many hours you spend in front of the screen every day?

You’d probably say an hour or two at max…

And that’s just a random guess. Add your screen time on the office PC, TV at home, texting on the phone and you’d be surprised at the amount of time you’re spending in front of the screen.

According to a survey by the American Ophthalmologists Institute, an average modern individual spends more than 10 hrs in front of a digital screen, per day.

But that is a fact – you spend 90% of your time in front of a screen.

And you and I both know that it is bad for our eyes. But did you realise just how bad? Let me ask you a few more questions… (I promise, this is the last set of questions before I tell you how you can protect your eyes and save yourself from a lot of health complications)

  • Do your eyes burn after spending a few hours in front of a screen?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you use your phone for a long time between going to bed & falling asleep?
  • Do you get stressed & strained by the end of the day?
  • Do you have trouble waking up early?
  • Do your eyes hurt when driving after sunset?
  • Does darkness make you impatient?
  • Do you forget to close your eyes for a long time, subconsciously while watching a screen?
  • Do you have weight issues?
  • Do you have gastric issues, like indigestion & gas?

Well, don’t be surprised by what I am going to tell you now. More than 80% of young working professionals have two or more of these above mentioned problems.

And you know what’s the direct reason for that? Your eyes are working over time and the stress is just wearing out your nerves, mind and body. This also my friend, is a fact proven by not one but three premier health institutions in the world (National Institute of Health, American Optometric Association & John Caroll Research University).

Confused? So was I.. It’s actually the harmful blue coloured light, called High Energy Visible (HEV) light that does all the damage. But you can block that harmful blue light and even the UV rays with one simple hack.

Fortunately, You Can Block Out ALL THE HARMFUL Blue Light With NoBlu Glasses!

Blue Light Blocking Technology has been a rage in the West and rightfully so. NoBlu has been trusted by techies all over the world and loved by many young gadget users like you. With years of success and experience in eye care technology – NoBlu is launching its best-seller unisex computer glasses in India now.

Here’s how NoBlu blue light blocking glasses will help you:

  • 100% Protection Against Harmful Blue Light (Digital & Natural Sun Light)
  • 100% Blocking Of UV Rays
  • Naturally Reduced Eye Strain
  • Improved Memory, Focus and Cognitive Function
  • Prevention of Long Term Retinal Degeneration
  • Improved & More Relaxed Sleep Patterns

Additionally, here are all the big reasons why Noblu is important, reliable and durable.

Here’s Why NoBlu Is What You Need!

Revolutionary Blue Light Blocking Technology

Blocks 100% of blue light

They block out the blue light that tricks your body into thinking it’s not time for you to sleep yet. This increases fatigue, stress and muscle strain that can spiral into severe health conditions in the long term. Fortunately, we have blue light blocking technology that shields your eyes from blue light at night, helping you sleep 2x better feeling well rested and refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

NoBlu Focusing Power

Cuts the strain of near distance viewing

NoBlu’s focusing power drastically reduces the strain of close distance viewing of screens for extended durations reducing the workload of the ciliary muscles of the eye further preventing stress and stress related symptoms.

Anti Reflection

Reduces strain caused by direct eye exposure to a light source

The anti reflection coating is microscopically thin layer placed on both the front and the back of your lenses to completely prevent light from bouncing off them. By cutting out reflection it makes your vision crystal clear.

Anti Glare

Reduces visual noise that confuses the eye

Your No blu lenses come with an anti glare & anti flicker coating that aligns scattered reflection. It is extremely important for gaming and even as a bonus benefit- while driving as it eliminates glare improving your night vision on road and especially helpful in avoiding being blinded by oncoming traffic on dark or busy roads.

Anti UV

100% Sunblock for your eyes

The lenses in your No Blu glasses are UV treated to protect your retina from direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays. A special dye is used to treat the lenses for guard your eyes from the long term effects of UV rays exposure.

Anti Scratch

To preserve the quality of lenses for a longer time

An anti-scratch coating on both sides of the lenses ensure that the lenses stay scratch resistant and crystal clear even if you happen to drop your glasses on the floor or if it tosses around in your bag.

Anti Flicker

Helps ease eye sensitivity to light fluctuation or modulation

The lenses dampen the flicker caused by screens when brightness is adjusted or modulated. While some may not notice it, some are extremely sensitive to it experiencing discomfort even after they look away from the screen. The anti flicker coating on the glasses help reduce that strain making it most beneficial to use while watching Tv, gaming or working on your Tablets, PCs or laptops.

CR39 Lenses

Premium Quality- Shatter Resistant

These lenses are lightweight and more impact and shatter resistant compared to glass lenses. They also last for a really long time with consistent optical quality.

Acetate Frames

Stylish, Ergonomic Design Suits Any Face Shape

These are sturdy but flexible making it very moldable to ergonomic design. Results- sleek, wearable and fashionable eyewear. At first I was expecting a bulky pair of lab goggles, given its serious purpose of protecting your eyes. I was so wrong; Noblus have a beautiful design that is not just comfortable but also looks great regardless of your face shape.

Flexi-Fit Design

Fits Comfortable On All Face Types

NoBlu comes with a flexi-fit design technology that makes it a perfect fit whatever the shape of your face is. It has a global unisex design that makes you look smarter while you protect your eyes.

These are the ONLY technologically advanced blue light blocking computer glasses in India with specs unparalleled across even top eyewear brands.

I haven’t experienced anything like this before. The difference before and after using NoBlu is subtle at all; it’ll blow your mind- what a simple product can do for you.

Research results:

In a consumer study on 1500 customers including men and women of varied ages and lifestyle upon the usage of NoBlu for 30 days, we found:

      • 96% of the subjects reported that they had far lesser eye strain after using the computer all day.
      • 95% of the subjects said their eyes never felt dry or burned like they usually do after 5-8 hrs of computer usage.
      • 95% of the subjects reported deeper sleep and that they slept undisturbed throughout the night.
      • 89% of subjects said that it significantly improved their mood in the morning.
      • 93% of subjects said they saw a clear improvement in focus, concentration and memory throughout the day.
      • 99% of subjects (who engage in some form of physical exercise) said they saw an increase in energy and were more active during exercise/working out at the gym.
    • Stay Stylish & Comfortable: NoBlu Comes With Flexi-Fit Design

      Incorporating the latest research in eyewear design and after testing the technology on thousands of facial shapes and sizes, NoBlu has launched these Unisex glasses with Flexi-Fit Design. So that you can be assured of complete eye protection but also a comfortable and stylish fit whether you have an oval, round or square face.

      The Positive Change You Will See Is Life Enhancing

      Firstly, more than anything else, you will not be tired without a reason by the end of the day. Secondly, you will be able to enjoy and experience true visual clarity and depth of images that these high-defintion LED and LCD screens offer. Here are some of the positive changes you will see with NoBlu:

      • You will be a happier person, thanks to reduced nervous strain
      • You will get less stressed & less tensed
      • You will have the energy to make conversations & build positive relationships
      • You will have the patience to listen to others, and become a better friend & a guide
      • You will have better concentration levels to achieve your goals
      • You will have lower chances of getting blood pressure, indigestion & stress issues
      • You eyes will always be relaxed & cool, no more burning, tired eyes that make you look weak
      • You will have better immunity, better health to withstand any medical issue
      • You will be a better person, someone who you always wanted to be

      And all this is possible and real change that you you can achieve with NoBlu. It isn’t a magic drug but it gives your body what it needs – better sleep. Sleep is your body’s #1 priority as it helps condition it, rejuvenate it and give it the strength to perform the way you want it to. Blue light is an unavoidable reality of modern life, but NoBlu completely protects you from all the damage that it can do. It is proven to 100% block blue light.

      Know Why NoBlu Is Truly Priceless & A 100% Risk-Free Purchase!

      This is the first time such a patented technology which is widely popular in the West is brought to India. The Circadian Sleep Disorders Research amply states that these glasses have shown a 90% positive result for users across countries.

      Late Night Movies With Friends….Rs.1000

      Dinner Date With Partner….Rs.2000

      Permanent Protection of your vision, improved visual clarity & undisturbed sleep…. Simply Priceless!

      Consider NoBlu as an investment. You will recover your cost of purchase in just one day – as you’ll be more productive at work and more efficient all through the day. And to make the deal sweeter – NoBlu comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee + 30-Day Money Back Policy that further makes your purchase 100% Risk Free!

      Noblu Sold Out The Last 500 Pairs in 4 Hours!

      They sell out really fast not just because it’s great value for money but also recommended by doctors worldwide. The last 500 pairs sold out in 4 hours and I’m predicting the same for the next lot. Hurry up and get yours, maybe buy an extra pair for your office, another one for your loved ones, just get them. I guarantee you will love these.

      Talking about guarantees….

      If You Don’t Feel The Difference After Using NoBlu – Claim A Full Refund Within 30 Days!

      Enough said. I believe this is the best product I ever laid my hands on and it can work wonders for you. Once you put them on, they change the way you see the world. In fact, that is the NoBlu guarantee. If you don’t see a drastic change  or feel a major relief from eyestrain after using Noblu- you get your money back.

      Within 30 days of using Noblu if you disagree with our promise or are dissatisfied with them, just get in touch with us and claim your money back. We will wire the amount back to you No Questions Asked. This makes it a 100% risk free purchase.

      Here’s how you can get your pair of Noblu with no financial risk involved:

          • Go ahead and order a pair of Noblu
          • Use it for 30 Days  and see a significant change
          • If you’re unhappy with the results mail or call us ( , +91 9989299388)

      If you’re skeptical about this, call us right now at +919989299388 (I mean right now, while you’re reading this) to clarify this and be sure of the guarantee before you make your purchase.

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3 thoughts on “Protect Your Eyes From Digital Eye Strain & Improve Your Vision

  1. Hi, I just find your blog is so good and I’m also doing a campaign for eyes protection, which also has WordPress page called ‘relaxyoureyesNOW’. The aim is to help people reduce digital eye strain, especially for Millenials. There will be lots of protection tips for them and I think the public should pay more attention to this issue. Nowadays, digital devices are essential stuff in people’s daily life, how do we promote our methods and persuade the public to be proactive in caring eye’s healthy are key issues for us. If you get interested in my blog please follow my page and communicate freely. Thank you! —— XY

  2. Hi, I just find your content is so great and I’m also doing a campaign for eyes protection, which also has WordPress page called ‘relaxyoureyesNOW’. The aim is to help people reduce digital eye strain, especially for Millenials. There will be lots of protection tips for them and I think the public should pay more attention to this issue. Nowadays, digital devices are essential stuff in people’s daily life, how do we promote our methods and persuade the public to be proactive in caring eye’s healthy are key issues for us. If you get interested in my blog please follow my page and communicate freely. Thank you! —— XY

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