Haemophilia and the Contaminated Blood Scandal. 

Following disclosure on Panorama last week of his intention to take legal action against the Department of Health, Jason Evans has been joined immediately by over 120 people who wish to join the proposed group action. They also wish to join with him in his call for a full Public Inquiry into the scandal.

Speaking today Jason Evans said “It is a scandal that whilst it was at David Cameron’s direction that the Leveson Inquiry was put in place to examine the culture, practice and ethics of the press, now in the face of overwhelming evidence presented to Parliament by Andy Burnham last month, Theresa May has still not seen fit to order an Inquiry into the culture, practice and ethics of the Department of Health in dealing with this human tragedy in which many 1000s of people including 100s of children were infected, many fatally, with HIV and Hep C through Factor conentrates”

Des Collins of Collins Solicitors said “The public response has been unprecedented. It is widely thought that the campaign for a Public Inquiry, already supported by Andy Burnham, Dr David Owen, Bianca Jagger and others, will shortly receive the support of all the main opposition parties when manifestos are published over the next few days. This is a wrong which must now be put right. It is essential that lessons are learned from this tragedy so that such disastrous mistakes are not repeated in the future.”

Des Collins
Senior Partner
Collins Solicitors
T) 01923 223 324

Danielle Holliday
Collins Solicitors
T) 01923 223 324

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