Science Reveals: 6 Physical Features Guys CAN’T Resist In A Woman

It seems all this talk about relationships between men and women come down to one thing: science. The action of making eye contact, flirting, and playing the dating game may come down to the inner caveman in all of us.

And men and women look for different things in their potential partner with the subconsciousness to mate and reproduce. According to Dr. Midge Wilson at DePaul University in Chicago, when a man is checking out a woman, he goes through a process she has termed, “reproductive fitness assessment.”

Before you get angry at the notion that men only look for physical attractiveness, women do this subconsciously too. Here are the six things men are physically attractive to. The point of it all is that it comes down to mating and reproducing, it can’t be a bad thing to help keep the human race thriving!

Watch the video. URL:



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