Samsung Dex Transforms The Galaxy S8 Into A Desktop Computer

Having your phone double up as a full-blown computer has been something we’ve only seen in science fiction movies, however, it is finally becoming a reality thanks to Samsung DeX.

Samsung Dex Transforms The Galaxy S8 Into A Computer

This feature would be something that you would expect from Microsoft as they have an ecosystem with Windows 10 that already exists. However, due to Microsoft having no market share and smartphones that never really made it to people’s hands, the feature got lost in translation over the course of time.

However, Samsung has recognised the importance of making our lives easier by announcing DeX (Short for “Desktop Experience”). It works while using a dock, which also serves the purpose of working as a stand for the phone.

Samsung Dex Transforms The Galaxy S8 Into A Computer

The dock can be connected to any screen that has an HDMI port and also connects to a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth or USB. The dock also has an Ethernet port in case you want to use broadband instead of the phone’s LTE services.

Once you unlock the phone and fire up the feature, the screen is then transformed into an Android interface, which is similar to any computer, but it is mouse-friendly and is optimised for a desktop display. It works like any desktop you have used before, for example, shortcut commands like Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V work exactly like you would expect them to.

Samsung Dex Transforms The Galaxy S8 Into A Computer

Samsung has also worked with Microsoft and Adobe to optimise their apps, especially for DeX so that you can use it to edit documents and pictures. The entire Microsoft Office Suite is available, which means you can work on your documents, presentations and Excel files too. In fact, it looks so similar; that you might even mistake it for the desktop version you might be using every day.

Samsung Dex Transforms The Galaxy S8 Into A Computer

DeX will only work with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and will be sold separately. It will also have two versions i.e. the basic variant and one with fast charging. There is no word as to how it will be priced in India but it seems like it will be sold anywhere between INR 10,000 to INR 15,000.



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