New Concept in Batteries Gets You Supercharged.

We’ve all been there: you’re late getting out the door to a meeting and your battery is on the brink of shutting your phone down. Oh, and where is that charging cord?!

According to an article on the UCF (University of Central Florida) College and Campus News website, scientists at the school may have developed the perfect solution with their new battery concept. The research is still in the early stages, but findings so far look promising. This new energy source would feature:

  • Supercapacitors – get a full charge in just seconds rather than minutes, saving much stress and frustration over being shut down.
  • Battery Life – weeks long for mobile devices (vs. hours/days with current batteries).
  • Non-degradable – still works as new for over 30,000 charges. Compare that to lithium-ion batteries that typically can only withstand about 1,500 charges/18 months before compromising functionality of devices.
  • Thin, flexible material – this would be very significant for new wearable technology being developed.
  • Sudden bursts of power and speed – particularly useful for electric cars, the supercapacitors could provide more power and speed when needed in certain driving conditions.

“If they were to replace the batteries with these supercapacitors, you could charge your mobile phone in a few seconds and you wouldn’t need to charge it again for over a week,” said Nitin Choudhary, a postdoctoral researcher at UCF.

These new batteries may be small, but they definitely pack a punch. Although it’s not quite ready for the commercial market, the developers are currently working with UCF to patent this new concept. Studies already show that this new battery concept will have a significant impact on many technologies.techrevolution



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