Today is World Kidney Day.

2 thoughts on “Today is World Kidney Day.

  1. I would like to add something to this post. I am a scientist, a biologist, and I would like to believe that I know a little about the way our body functions. Since you have brought up World Kidney Day, I will contribute my bit to the knowledge.
    A kidney essentialy filters all the blood in the body and gets rid of toxins. If you don’t take care of your body well (by exercising and eating healthy), you are likely to suffer from all kinds of diseases including diabetes, abnormal cholesterol levels, obesity, weak joints, etc etc…the spectrum of diseases with today’s lifestyle is appalling. And all these diseases then would need medication. The kidneys can only deal with so much. When you have to take so much medication, all of it is in your blood one way or another and eventually the kidneys have to deal with them and eventually they give up – THEY DO!
    One good way to take care of your kidneys would be to eat well and exercise regularly. That would have a long term benefit. 🙂

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