Earbuds can translate any language into any language

The world’s first smart earpiece let’s two people, speaking different languages, understand each other through translation.

It’s the result of two years of R&D from Waverly Labs, a New York-based technology firm.

The current model seems to access a slight delay before relaying your partner’s words in a computerized voice, in your language.  Integrating this type of technology into smart phones and devices like earbuds is a huge step forward in bringing people closer together.

The earpiece is called Pilot and works together with the second earpiece through an app on your smart phone.  The starting price is said to be $299 for the set, though it is subject to change.  They are current accepting pre-orders on their website.

It may seem mildly crude, but this is a huge step in blending technologies together to create a great new one.


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