Saturated Fat Does Not Increase Heart Disease Risk

One of the great nutritional myths of the last century has finally been debunked. The war on healthy fats is drawing to a close. Overwhelming evidence supporting the beneficial role of fats continues to pour in. At the same time, the case against sugar is now overwhelming and carbs are now correctly viewed as the driving force behind the obesity and diabetes scourges that plague the US.

Medical News Today provided another link in the chain of evidence against the standard American diet. They reported on a study that demonstrated the quality of the food being consumed plays an important role in health and that saturated fat can increase good cholesterol levels.

Sadly, many health “experts” still need to get their facts straight. What they fail to understand is that by continuing to recommend diets low in saturated fats, in the face of overwhelming evidence, they are driving down life expectancy and driving up obesity rates.

The case for healthy fats is staring us in the face. In the decades following the release of fat-phobic dietary guidelines, Americans reduced their intake of animal fats and replaced them with grains, sugars and industrially processed vegetable oils. Adherence to these supposedly “healthy” guidelines resulted in a calamitous decline in U.S. public health.

The information provided in my nutrition plan debunks such outdated dietary dogma. It can guide you through the confusing maze of contradictory dietary information. Optimizing your diet is easier than you think. Consuming exclusively nourishing and whole foods is one the biggest steps you can take toward taking control of your health. It is also important to remove all processed foods from your diet.


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