Why Do Intelligent People Have A Harder Time In Life?

You think that smart people have it easy in life? Well, think again because with the higher IQ you get some unexpected disadvantages as well.

Nocturnal creatures

Research shows that people with a higher IQ stay up later at night so wake up later as well. Experts say that this shouldn’t come as a surprise because intelligent people often choose the late hours to read, study, analyze or write. This wakes up their brain so they have a harder time falling asleep later. The downside is that a good night sleep is crucial for your overall health and normal functioning of your organism.

Difficulties finding a partner

Another downside of being smart is the social awkwardness, especially throughout highschool, and for some even in their early twenties. Some even experience this during their entire life because they always feel better in their own company or in the company of people they already know well.  This is bad because it means that they have a hard time meeting a partner because they’re shy and reclusive but they sometimes can even have unreasonably high standards. The good news is that once they find the perfect partner they enjoy a much better sex life than people with an average IQ.

They’re no stranger to telling lie

Intelligent people rightfully know that they’re the smarter ones in the room. Some people don’t care much about this and can fit in almost every crowd. But there are those who use their intellect so abuse and make fun of others. In other words, they feel and act superior, throw around ‘smart’ words and have a tendency to tell a lie or two to improve first impressions. This also means they can be kind of mean at times and nobody likes men people.

They believe in unbelievable things

Some studies have shown that extremely intelligent people believe in some pretty strange things. For example, the subjects from one such study believed that the creature in the picture were real even though it was obvious it’s photo shopped. Experts aren’t really sure why is this so but they believe it might have something to do with an increased sense of confidence and high intelligence, even when they’re wrong.

Self-destructive tendencies

Intelligent people stay away from dangerous stuff because it’s only logical to, right? Maybe it only seems that way because we all think since they’re smart they must avoid everything dangerous and unhealthy, but the reality is much different. Why? Because intelligent people are very curious by nature and often that curiosity leads them to dangerous and complicated situations, like drug and alcohol addictions. Several studies have shown that they have auto destructive tendencies.


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