14 Things From Japan That Must Be On Every Part Of The Earth.

An extraordinary country with a decent natural environment having tons of inventive people who are keen to be contented with technology for an easy lifestyle. There are numerous things which exist in the country that is too awesome that we think should exist everywhere. Let’s have a look.

1. Special Vending Machines

Time is money! The Japanese have special vending machines that give you not only with snacks but also boiled foods, fried potato, pasta, and pet food.


2. Tissues given out for free on the streets

Tissues are given out for free in Japan.


3. Taxis with automated doors

Japanese love automation! They invented taxis with automated doors so that you’re never told off for shutting them hard.




4. Trains with foot spas

You can get tickets for foot spas and you can relieve stress while traveling.


5. The chance to sleep at work

“inemuri”, which means present while working in Japan. You can simply sit next to your boss and sleep.


6. Stress reducing Unlimited Poppers

I need this! Many are under a lot of stress and the Japanese find this way of poppers to be the best for relieving stress.


7. Compact Parking

In a population of 127.3 million, it’s not easy to deal with space. The Japanese have achieved this by unique 2 Level parking systems.

8. Musical roads

These roads let you be entertained on a long trip by playing a melody as you travel.


9. The heated table: Kotatsu

It’s a table with a blanket which was developed in the 14th century but is seen on the rarest occasions.


10. Unique gas stations

The pipe to deliver gas to the stations in Japan hangs down which helps to avoid not reaching the gas tank on cars.


11. Drinking cans for the blind

There isn’t a single can in the country which doesn’t have the name written in braille on the top to help the blind.


12. Cat cafes

To have coziness and warmth, the Japanese have opened numerous cat cafes which are full with cats.


13. Chairs to hold your bags

Japan has solved the problem of bag handling bags by just providing a notch over the chair.


14. Rooms for those who want to get enough sleep

Capsule hotels in Japan provide a great rest for those who dream of finding small cozy rooms.

capsule hotel

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