14 Diseases and Side-Effects Caused By Microwaves You’ve Been Ignoring

microwaves derive food of pretty much all of their nutritional value

Microwaves derive food of pretty much all of their nutritional value Microwaves use pulse electromagnetic waves that penetrate through food, as the exciting molecules begin to move, they vibrate and raise in temperature as they respond to the Microwave radiation. Microwaves derive food of pretty much all of their nutritional value, the only real value in microwaving food is that it inconveniently saves time.

The health hazards were noted by countries such as Russia who launched a complete ban on microwave ovens in 1976, the ban was then lifted, not because of a green light for health, but to promote free trade with the west.According to Organicallyhealthy After few years, these microwaves were found to be able to cook food, by Percy LeBaron Spencer, a member of the military industrial complex known as Raytheon Company. Namely, radar waves melted a candy bar he kept in his pocket.This eventually led to the creation of the Radar Range, which was the first microwave oven, in extremely large proportions.

The reason we speak about the beginnings of microwave ovens is that they explain a lot about their nature, and indicate why numerous researchers object against their use nowadays.These are the side-effects of microwaves, confirmed by numerous studies:Weakened immune systemGreater susceptibility to illnessBirth defectsCataractsReduced resistance to viral and bacterial infectionsCancerOn the other hand, these are the effects of microwave ovens to food:The Swiss scientist Hans Hertel conducted a study which showed that microwave ovens eliminate the nutrients from our foodThe radiation from these ovens deforms and destroys the food molecules, leading to the creation of harmful radioactive compounds.

In 1992, a study from the Search for Health conducted a study in 1992 which showed that microwaves led to the following issues in participants:Reduced hemoglobin which led to an anemic-like conditions Significant rise in cholesterol levelsIncreased leukocytes, indicating cell damage and poisoningFall in white blood cellsThe structure of the microwaved Infant formulas was greatly damaged, and the components of amino acids were altered, leading to immunological abnormalitiesMicrowaved breast milk was deprived of 96% of its antibodies

Watch the video. URL:https://youtu.be/ScbbQ2pYd9I

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