Here’s All You Need To Know About The Polar Vortex Coming Through Next Week.

The first polar vortex blast is ready to chill the residents close to the Arctic to their bones. Temperatures have already started dipping below minus 0 degrees across the northern plains of America. And it is only going to get worse…

Polar Vortex

The polar vortex is not a new phenomenon. It is actually active all through the year but comes to “life” in the winters. The term became popular in 2014 and refers to a very large, extremely cold air mass over the Arctic. The concentrated area of cold air is bound by the jet stream, which is a current of fast-moving air at very high levels of the atmosphere. When the jet stream is strong and keeps the polar vortex area bottled up north, temperatures can fall to minus-100 degrees.

 The reason it becomes even more active in winters as the Artic air become colder for the lack of sunlight and as the Earth shifts on its axis, the air plunges south.

The most well-recorded cold-air outbreaks in the past 30 years were caused by the polar vortex diving south.

Polar Vortex


This year, the weather departments across the northernmost countries suggest that temperatures will record 20 to 35 degrees below the average temperatures recorded at this time of the year.

Washington and Boston will also see freezing temperatures through the daytime, as will most of New England.

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