Anatolia Vertadella, an Italian woman over 101 years old, has given birth to a baby weighing 9 pounds after making a controversial ovaries transplant widely criticized by medical professionals because of the risks of their high age, reports the Rivista Napoli.


For starters, the entire procedure was illegal, but it was conducted in a private clinic in Turkey (in this country, European laws of ovary transplant not apply, says the centenarian mother who does not want to reveal the name of the medical facility where the operation was performed).

“I am very grateful to all the medical team that decided to continue with the operation,” admits the lady with tears in her eyes. “I feel very grateful to be able to give birth to my child, the number 17. This is a true blessing and a sign of the power of the creator” she told the local reporters.

“For a long time, I had felt useless to the call of God because I could not procreate since I was 48 years old when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.”

“For a long time I thought God was punishing me for bringing only 16 children, but in its majestic generosity he has provided me with fertility once again” recognizes the lady of 101 years which is faithful Catholic.

After all, everything about the operation is controversial and as Dr. Popolicchi, the final decision was left to the patient.

Shocking New Evidence Suggests Earth Is About To Experience Pole Shift

according to research and data sets collated by european space agency satellites called swarm  the earth   s magnetic field has been weakening
According to research and data sets collated by European Space Agency satellites called Swarm, the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening.
Confused birds changing direction in the sky, asteroids falling to the earth, compasses flipping direction.

It all sounds like doomsday –or at the very least random chaos, which may all be caused by the imminent shifting of the North and South Pole – so scientists say.

According to research and data sets collated by European Space Agency satellites called Swarm, the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening. This has meant big weak spots over the Western Hemisphere while the field has been strengthened over the Indian Ocean. One explanation given for this was that the poles were getting ready to flip. Hence compasses that once pointed north, would now point south.

It’s thought that the Earth’s magnetic field is generated by the movement of the currents of the Earth’s molten core at its centre, a process known as “geodynamo”. As these currents are not consistent, the magnetic field also moves around and the magnetic north is currently drifting circa 10 miles per year.

But a complete flip? Complementing the Swarm’s data, geophysicists have been studying the core’s lava that has reached the surface of the earth. Once the lava solidifies, the remaining rock samples provide an indication of what activity is happening with the magnetic field.

In addition two scientists from the University of California, Gary Glatzmeierand Paul Roberts, have used the process of geodynamo to set up a computer model using a set of equations that explain the changes in the geodynamo process. They ran it on a timeline of 500,000 years and found that new magnetic fields that were generated by the geodynamo process would line up in the direction of the existing magnetic fields.

But once in a while it would twist it in a different direction inducing temporary pole reversal/ instability. It may become permanent however, if the conditions are right – if the reversed polarity gets progressively bigger and the original polarity decays. In essence it is a chaotic system; but it is this scientists are predicting will occur in our lifetime.

according to nasa  these types of flips happen    all the time    in relative geo physiological terms     i e  every 200 300k years
According to NASA, these types of flips happen ‘All the time’ in relative geo-physiological terms – i.e. every 200-300k years
This isn’t the first time this has happened however. According to NASA, these types of flips happen all the time. ‘All the time’ being in relative geo-physiological terms – i.e. every 200,000-300,000 years. They say that flips are the rule rather than the exception.

The rule has also been that with every pole reversal, catastrophe hits the earth – whole species go into extinction, earthquakes and other natural disasters ensue – what’s to say that another major shift in the poles will not trigger cataclysm or is not in fact already happening. The pole shift will cause major shifts in the tectonic plates and in the current climate and onslaught of incidents – all signs point north . . or south now.

An alternative computer model, a Hyderabad computer model, predicted the polar shifts and also that it may cause serious problems making the earth unsustainable or unsuitable to live in with the increased tectonic activity, the weakening of immune systems of animals and increased cosmic radiation. Because when the polar shift happens, there is a point at which the Earth’s magnetic field reaches zero Gauss i.e. zero magnetism. Coinciding with the sun’s polar reversal, which happens on an eleven-year cycle, is likely to cause huge problems. Luckily, that last happened in 2012 – so we’re good for another decade.

Beyond all the doomsday talk, there is a serious consequence that every time polar shift does happen, the magnetic field depletes, the only thing protecting us from harmful solar rays. It has been depleting at an alarming rate over the last couple of centuries, every time there is a move in the current of the iron core. This may lead to massive ozone holes, which apparently was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

What can we do to prepare apart from increased sun block? NASA say don’t sweat it and that little evidence suggests any Armageddon type consequences predicted by some. A small inside tip however, may be that new booming business for compass makers make it a hot new investment.

Watch the video. URL:https://youtu.be/ohHMK20FhAk

Big Pharma now wants to vaccinate babies while they’re still in the womb

It’s bad enough when pregnant mothers get vaccinated, but now Big Pharma wants to take vaccination to a whole new level. Instead of just vaccinating mothers-to-be, the industry wants to be able to inject unborn babies with their latest concoctions, too.

Image: Big Pharma now wants to vaccinate babies while they’re still in the womb

The 21st Century Cures Act is poised to pass any day now. While this legislation claims to bring medicine into the 21st century, it honestly seems intended to do the exact opposite. Instead of looking forward to new horizons, this bill would merely double down on conventional methods that have been in use for decades. The 21st Century Cures bill managed to pass the House last year, and after being broken up into smaller sections by the Senate, is set to see approval any day now.

One of the more concerning aspects of this bill lies in the Senate bill S. 2742 (the Promoting Biomedical Research and Public Health for Patients Act), which appears to be laying down the groundwork for amending the current vaccination schedule to include expectant mothers and their still-developing, unborn children. This particular provision contains the following language:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, for purposes of this subtitle, both a woman who received a covered vaccine while pregnant and any child who was in utero at the time such woman received the vaccine shall be considered persons to whom the covered vaccine was administered and persons who received the covered vaccine.

Now, this could be interpreted in any number of ways. It may, for example, simply be a form of liability coverage. But, it could also be paving the way for unborn children to be considered eligible for vaccination. If this is the case, it won’t be long before we see manufacturers developing new lines of vaccines designed with babies in utero in mind.

The Centers for Disease Control already suggests that pregnant women get a whole host of vaccinations – whooping cough, flu and hepatitis B vaccines are all pushed on mothers-to-be as the epitome of protection for their child – but many question the necessity and use of such injections.

In addition to these concerns, the new bill may also open doors for the current vaccination schedule to be shifted or expanded, and create a slew of opportunities for the industry to increase their profit margins. As the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) suggests, “Maybe the first DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) shot will be given to the mother and the fetus, rather than to the child at one month. Perhaps the schedule will be expanded.” This is a great example of what the 21st Century Cures act could allow to take place.

There are many potential risks to doing this; for example, the aluminum adjuvants found in many vaccines have never been tested for safety in children, let alone unborn babies. And, as the ANH notes, there doesn’t seem to be any research on the safety of multiple vaccinations being administered during pregnancy, nor any kind of comparison between the potential risks and benefits.

This is far from the only concerning aspect of the bill; many other parts of it have also been raising a few eyebrows. For example, many critics say that the bill goes way too far when it comes to relaxing approval standards for drugs and devices. For example, one provision in the Cures Act would allow a company to obtain approval for a second use of an FDA-approved drug, without having to conduct a randomized clinical trial. Instead, companies could use something known as “real world evidence.” Real world evidence is a much lower standard of evidence – and it lacks any assessment of risk versus benefits. It’s more subject to bias, more easily manipulated, and in general, can be very misleading.

Heritage Action, a conservative group, commented that the Act had expanded from 300 pages last year, to “an almost 1,000-page omnibus health care spending bill.”

Heritage Action went on to state, “In Washington terms, back-room negotiators have turned the Cures bill into a Christmas Tree, loaded with handouts for special interests, all at the expense of the taxpayer.”

Across the aisle, Senator Elizabeth Warren has vehemently opposed the bill and lambasted the legislation as being nothing more than a license for corporate “fraud,” “bribery” and “extortion.” Just seven Democratic senators voted against the legislation, while 70 Republicans voted to shoot it down.

In her floor speech, Senator Warren stated, “Pushing treatments without scientific evidence that they work is fraud—fraud that can hurt people.” Hopefully, she and the rest of the bill’s opponents from both political parties can band together and stop the bill, and the establishment, before it’s too late.

A Harvard scientist just won $3 million for discovering the hidden ‘intelligence’ that defends our cells.

Stephen Elledge

Almost every cell in a human body carries a copy of our genetic code, the DNA that holds the unique biological blueprint for who we are.

That DNA tells our cells what to do. When they divide, that information is copied from one cell to another.

But life is hard on our cells. They become damaged every moment of every day, exposed the radiation of the sun, the heat of our laptops, the chemicals we absorb from air pollution, the alcohol we drink, and more. Aging itself damages them.

This damage can easily become a harmful mutation, causing cells to replicate in an out of control way, leading to disease and cancer. With the constant assault, it’s a wonder this doesn’t happen all the time.

It’s only thanks to a mechanism in our cells that can recognize when something has gone wrong that we aren’t all riddled with cancer.

That mechanism, known as the DNA damage response, functions like an individual intelligent agent, able to monitor when things are going wrong and then try to come up with a way to deal with them.

Understanding that response is a key to dealing with diseases that affect us as we age. It could help us figure out why we lose of our vitality as we grow old and it could transform how we understand cancer, that “emperor of all maladies.” Cell growth is the key to our lives, how we grow and how our bodies repair themselves; cancer is the potentially deadly perversion of that growth.

Discoveries explaining how that mechanism works are so significant that on December 4, geneticist Stephen Elledge was awarded one of five $3 million Breakthrough Prizes in life sciences . These awards, founded by Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, Yuri and Julia Milner, and Jack Ma and Cathy Zhang, honor research that could transform and perhaps more essentially, extend human life. Elledge, Gregor Mendel Professor of Genetics and Medicine in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and in the Division of Genetics at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, has done significant work in this area.

Elledge’s research on the DNA damage response certainly fits the bill. While we’ve thought that cells had some way to respond to damage ever since the 1940s, Elledge has helped reveal the biological components involved in the process.

“One of the remarkable properties of nature’s most remarkable molecule, DNA, is self-awareness: it can detect information about its own integrity and transmit that information back to itself,”

One of the remarkable properties of nature’s most remarkable molecule, DNA, is self-awareness: it can detect information about its own integrity and transmit that information back to itself.

Elledge wrote in JAMA after he was awarded a prestigious Lasker award in 2015 for his work.

When this response detects damaged DNA, it can respond in several ways. It may try to repair the damage, but it may also activate the immune system, cause the cell to destroy itself, or trigger a process known as senescence – which helps prevent tumors but is also largely responsible for aging.

While this research was a large part of why Elledge was awarded a Breakthrough Prize, it’s only part of his extensive biology research. As a Harvard press release notes, he and colleagues recently discovered a way to identify every virus a person had ever been exposed to.

Other life sciences Breakthrough Prizes this year were awarded to Harry Knoller for his work understanding how RNA is central to protein synthesis; Roeland Nusse for research on a pathway essential for cancer and stem cell biology; Yoshinori Ohsumi, who was also awarded a Nobel Prize this year , for work on cell autophagy; and Huda Yahya Zoghbi for discoveries related to rare disease that help show how neurodegenerative diseases work.