Feds approve releasing many millions of GMO mosquitos in Florida, but voters decide on Nov. ballot what flies.

Feds approve releasing these GMO mosquitos to combat the Zika virus conveniently after working on this in some scary biotech lab for years

Editor’s note:  Only voters in the Florida KEYS get to vote on their Nov ballot! I beg you to urge friends family and even foe there to vote no!!

“The GMO  mosquito  is created by injecting synthetic DNA into thousands of mosquito eggs until finally one of the eggs accepts the DNA into its genome, creating two genes. One is a lethal gene, synthesized from E. coli and the herpes simplex virus.It’s lethal because it creates a protein called tTAV which interferes with a cell’s activity, killing the infected mosquito before it can reach adulthood.

That’s right. they’re injected with a LETHAL GENE synthesized with E. coli and herpes by a biotech company working on this for years who certainly has your health in their best interest (DRIPPING with sarcasm)  Get ready Florida. 

As if

As the Zika virus continues its massive epidemic spread in Florida (that’s sarcasm), the feds approve their master plan (really, that’s what they call it)  to release many MILLIONS  of mutant mosquitoes there in hopes of suppressing the disease-carrying insect’s population. In fact, The Washington Post did an article stating how you should considering yourself lucky to be bit by a GMO Mosquito. It’s that’s crazy.

I did the article about how the feds (yes the feds, it was on CNN with video links here) were going door to door here in Florida collective urine and blood samples in a highly populated area of Miami to see if they had Zika. THEN they decided to start aerial spraying all across Miami and surrounding cities just like they did in NYC and other cities, all under the guise of that killer Zika virus. It might even get as bad as Ebola did hear in the the US!
The Food and Drug Administration (aka the Food and THUG administration) has issued its final environmental assessment of the plan, saying that releasing these dangerous creatures starting in  Key Haven, a suburb of Key West, “will not have significant impacts on the environment.” (it will have an impact but the sold out, paid off, bought off EPA doesn’t really give a sh*t about that impact. People and our fragile ecosystem will suffer.

Some scientists and MDs say the impact will be “completely devastating”.

Now it’s up to the people who live there to vote in November to stop this trial of releasing GMO mosquitos on us all. That’s right! You vote on it in November. So please, for the love of God and your families- don’t let this sci fi experiment of a night mare happen to us or our children!

The project was proposed by the British biotech company (who some nick name “Satan)  Oxitec and has been under review since 2011, well before Zika virus exploded throughout South America, up through Mexico and Puerto Rico and into Florida. But the decision came just days after the first local transmissions by mosquitoes were confirmed in the U.S., in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Oh and did we mention that Puerto Rico refused that nasty aerial spraying and said it’s a neurotoxin with devastating consequences and refused to let that be sprayed.

Meanwhile Floridians here in our sunshine state don’t seem to put up a fight as the planes rain the poison down upon us starting at dawn last week. They said if you’re sensitive or have allergies don’t go outside. I had my own family members and friends who were sprayed in South Florida in tears and some leaving the state to go stay with relatives up North.

“We read the newspapers, we see the disease coming, and I think that’s added a little bit of urgency and prioritization to that work,” Hadyn Parry, CEO of Oxitec (the biotech company some nick name “Satan”  told the Tampa Bay Times.

Funny how they admit this was all in the works before the NON epidemic of Zika ever started. But now that they have their excuse? They’re spraying us from the skies, releasing million up millions of GMO mosquitos upon us and unlike Puerto Rico who fought that sh*t, it’s business as usual here in the land of the tv Kardashian people who NEED TO to take a stand already and wake the hell up!

Parry’s Biotech company (nick named Satan) has been genetically modifying millions of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in a lab with a synthetic protein that kills their offspring before they can emerge from larvae as adults and transmit the Zika virus or other diseases such as Dengue.

If wild female mosquitoes mate with sterile males, the population dies off rapidly.

Oxitec has already released millions of them in Brazil (which scientists say could be the reason for the birth defects- NOT the Zika virus!)  Panama and the Cayman Islands. The results have been significant: They have reduced some local mosquito populations by more than 90 percent… Birth defects are skyrocketing and people sicker than ever, but dammit they killed those skeeters.

“I know a lot of people are scared of them because they’re genetically modified,” Sadie Ryan, a medical geographer at the University of Florida who is not affiliated with Oxitec, (editor’s note “wink wink”  said in an interview with PBS NewsHour Weekend. “I think it’s a good idea.”

Do you Sadie? Thanks so much for that profound quote of yours! (NOT)

Ryan said that an island is ideal for a trial because Aedes aegypti mosquitoes do not travel very far during their lifetimes.

Sadly Key West isn’t really an island as you can throw a freaking stone to the land right next to it which is ultimately connected to a big ass state called Florida and connected to a big ass country called the US connected to North America. (oh not to mention Cuba down the road- but sure none of those pesky mosquitos will get on a boat or plane or car)

“You have to drown out the local population wherever you are, that’s why islands are a great place to do it,” she said.

Really? I’ve lived here more years than I can count and none of us call Key West an “island” due to it’s extremely close proximity to the rest of Florida which I could literally throw a rock to or swim (and I have)

A May 2015 report said that people who live in the Key West are divided. While some see the potential benefits of eradicating the mosquito that poses a threat to them, others worry about the unknown. One local resident said she’s scared and moving north. She’s 95 and seen what the government has done to destroy her beautiful state she was born and raised and had intended to die in, but now she’ll be going to live with relatives in the cold Midwest for rest of her days, despite her undying love for Florida. Poor thing.

Even if Floridians do vote to allow Oxitec to release the genetically modified mosquitoes there, (DON”T VOTE FOR IT!!!) Ryan said it would be more difficult to try it in a bigger metropolitan area like Miami because there are no clear boundaries. (no Shit Sherlock)

Zika is also a sexually transmitted disease, and people from all over the world travel through Miami, so it may be difficult to contain the species or the virus, she said.

“It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try,” she said.

It doesn’t seem to matter that we have a handful of cases (literally) in the state. Last we heard none are hospitalized and all are fine and no birth defects reported. But all bets are off with the massive aerial spraying and GMO sci fi skeeter being unleashed by the millions to wreack havoc on this once beautiful land that man in the name of skewed sold old “science” which used to be pure) will use upon us by biotech corporations and sold out politicians who care about one… thing… only… The bottom dollar. Not your health, not the health of the animals, land our kids, but money.

Vote against GMO Mosquitos on the November ballot. It might be more important than which one of them they pick to run the country.

Watch the video. URL:https://youtu.be/0pv0xpcYa5Q

Being single allows people to live ‘best and most meaningful life’, claims psychologist

Research shows that single people value meaningful work more than married people do.

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Being single ain’t all that bad. Single people are more connected to parents, siblings, friends, neighbours, and coworkers than married people, it was found. 

To all the single people, cherish your days, as a psychologist has claimed, idea of wedded bliss is largely a myth. According to the study, being single allows people to “live their best, most authentic and most meaningful life,” repots the Independent. Researcher Bella DePaulo told at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention in Denver that she wanted to challenge the “conventional wisdom” that getting married helped people live longer, happier and healthier lives.

She said she had looked more than 800 different academic studies carried out of the last 30 years that mentioned single people. “The available findings are telling. For example, research comparing people who have stayed single with those who have stayed married shows that single people have a heightened sense of self-determination and they are more likely to experience ‘a sense of continued growth and development’ as a person,” said DePaulo.

“Other research shows that single people value meaningful work more than married people do … another study of lifelong single people showed that self-sufficiency serves them well: the more self-sufficient they were, the less likely they were to experience negative emotions. For married people, just the opposite was true,” she added.

There are 16.2 million single people in the UK, compared to 23.7 million married ones, according to Office for National Statistics figures for last year. DePaulo, who described herself as “single, always have been, always will be,” said the reasons behind the relative popularity of unmarried life were “rarely acknowledged”. “Increasing numbers of people are single because they want to be. Living single allows them to live their best, most authentic and most meaningful life,” she said.

“Single people are more connected to parents, siblings, friends, neighbours, and coworkers than married people are, and when people marry, they become more insular. The preoccupation with the perils of loneliness can obscure the profound benefits of solitude,” she continued.

“It is time for a more accurate portrayal of single people and single life – one that recognizes the real strengths and resilience of people who are single, and what makes their lives so meaningful, added DePaulo. She further said married people were bolstered by the “relentless celebration of marriage and coupling and weddings that I call matrimania. Single people, in contrast, are targets of singlism – the stereotyping, stigmatizing, marginalizing and discrimination against people who are single. But academic studies did not support the prevailing idea of “get married, get happier and healthier.”

“People end up about where they were when they were single. In other ways, results are exactly the opposite of what we have been led to believe. Scholars are learning more about the risks of putting too much relationship capital into The One, and the psychological benefits of investing in The Ones. They are also beginning to realize that genuine attachment relationships are not limited to romantic relationships or the bond between parents and young children,” she added.

The Phoenix99 Bionic Eye Rewires the Brain to Restore Vision

The Phoenix99 bionic eye is a new, fully implantable system developed as a result of notable breakthroughs in neural stimulation technology.  The University of New South Wales (UNSW) engineers who developed the device  — along-side surgical experts — successfully demonstrated it in pre-clinical trials.  One of the inventors of the system, Gregg Sauning says “We were really excited by the first trial because it proved the technology and implementation technique works.”  Now, they are confident the Phoenix99 will be able to restore patients’ vision better than any existing technology.

Futurism has the scoop on what comes next:  “The plan is to implant the Phoenix99 to a dozen patients in the next two years. Surgery will take about two to three hours, and the only evidence of the bionic implant is the small disc behind the ear that transmits power and data to the device, which will then deliver electrical impulses to the eye. Users will also be wearing a pair of glasses outfitted with a small camera, which will help stimulation of nerve cells in the patients’ retinas and send signals to the brain’s visual cortex.”

The implications of this are astounding and could mark the beginning of many new systems of bionic technology for human betterment.

Watch the video. URL:https://youtu.be/bcq9Qok1Ui0


Though the debates continue, experts agree that there is no consensus on the safety of GMOs. Organizations aligned with the agrichemical/biotech industry often mislead the public with claims of absolute safety when, in fact, the safety of GMOs is fully inconclusive. In the absence of a consensus on the safety of GMOs, it is recommended that mandatory labeling standards be enacted to allow the public a choice whether they consume Genetically Engineered/GM food or not.


Agrichemical/biotech proponents say that the scientific consensus is that GMO foods are safe, but the truth is that the IAASTD Global Report, co-sponsored by the WHO (World Health Organization) and six other world organizations, says GMOs have NOT been proven safe. Following are 124 other health or science related organizations from around the world that are in agreement with the IAASTD report, and/or support mandatory GMO labeling.


Addressing the issue of horizontal gene transfer from a diet containing genetically modified components into rat tissues


Genetically modified (GM) food crops are considered to have the potential of providing food security especially in developing countries. Scientists have raised concern over the hazards associated with the consumption of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). One of these hazards, which have great controversy reports, is the possible horizontal gene transfer from GM-food or feed to human or animal tissues. Many researches were conducted to investigate the presence of some transgenic sequences in animal tissues fed on GM- crops. Many of the inserted genes in the GM-crops are under the control of the promoter of the Cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMVP35S) and produce insecticidal proteins. Health hazards are suggested to accompany the ingestion of this promoter. CaMVP35S can function in a wide range of organisms (plants and animals). It has also been demonstrated that the CaMV-P35S promoter sequence can convert an adjacent tissue- and organ-specific gene promoter into a globally active promoter. The present work was conducted to evaluate the possibility of horizontal gene transfer from a diet containing DNA segments from Cauliflower mosaic virus -35S promoter (CaMVP-35S) to the cells of different organs of rats fed for three months on diets containing genetically modified components. Analysis of the results revealed that: 1) ingested fragments from the CaMV-35S promoter incorporated into blood, liver, and brain tissues of experimental rats, 2) The total mean of transfer of GM target sequences increased significantly by increasing the feeding durations, and 3) The affinity of different transgenic fragments from the ingested GM-diet, to be incorporated into the different tissues of rats varied from one target sequence to the other.


Our results support the suggestion that monitoring for transgenic flow is a way to measure the possible environmental impacts of GMO and to serve as a warning system for deleterious effects

Forever Alone Problems

While being single may be the best thing ever, sometimes, loneliness creeps in and you wonder why you cannot find a partner to share your life with, no matter how hard you try. Your life may be perfect otherwise, but you won’t be able to keep such feelings from entering your mind, even if as just fleeting thoughts. Being forever alone has its own pitfalls. These 21 people revealed on Whisper what it feels like to be a 20-something and never been in a relationship, and it is a little depressing!

Forever Alone Problems