Prepare Yourself: Quantum Internet is Coming

There have been significant advances in what scientists are calling ‘quantum internet’.  This new form of internet would be entirely secure and ‘unhackable’.

Science alert claims, “quantum Internet would store data in individual particles of light – known as photons – rather than beams of light, which are currently used to transmit information across our existing fibre optic networks. While information carried in classical light can be intercepted and read, photons can’t be measured without being destroyed – so any kind of hacking would be impossible”

There have been many struggles in recent years to find a way to beam ‘quantum light’, or beams of single protons.  But now, A Stanford University team seems to be having some success in that regard.

By using a nanoscale laser and a gallium arsenide chip, the team is able to produce quantum light (below, blue) and allow classical light (pink) to pass through.

Despite all the troubles, we’re almost there.  Lead researcher Jelena Vuckovic says “the problem is that the quantum light is much weaker than the rest of the light coming from such a modified laser – it is difficult to pick up… so we created a better way to filter out the unwanted light, allowing us to read the quantum signal much better.”

The team is now working on a prototype that would serve as the foundation of quantum internet.  So get ready, this could change everything you know about the internet.

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