Is Your Highly Conscious Life Going Nowhere?

“Why can’t I get this to work?” Those were the words I’d ask myself when I’d recognize that, once again, what I so longed to create simply wasn’t happening. I felt stuck… in life… because this thing that I was pouring my heart and soul into – my work – wasn’t thriving. Honestly, I didn’t understand why.

Is Your Highly Conscious Life Going Nowhere

I’ve spent a lot of time in the trenches of my inner being. I think we all have one area in our lives that funnel our biggest Soul-healing. Mine has been my work; my spiritual growth and evolution came in the guise of getting my work, to work. And issues around my work have been what so often send me deep into my inner experience to look for answers around “why” things aren’t working.

What I’ve come to understand is how I process my emotional world – especially when that goes sideways – is a direct reflection of how well I can get things to actually happen. And what I thought was the most conscious approach to my emotional process, was actually dragging me under. Let me explain…

I’ve spent what feels like most of my adult like feeling stuck around my work. Sure, I have a business and have helped a lot of people create change, but I was not thriving. I felt broke – both financially and emotionally. Like a dog with a bone, I would not quit, no matter how challenging things got. I cycled around struggle in many ways.

I battled this growth around work, and making it work, for years. I looked at it all… my money, my personal power, my family, yet I was going nowhere. I was at my wit’s end. I felt really, really lost.

I had a vision of my life and knew my purpose. I knew, too, that I had some amazing spiritual gifts to share; I had this spot-on psychic ability since I was young, and a knack for seeing emotional patterns a mile away. Literally, I see things across space and time!

Yet, I was in a loop when it came to shifting my experience and making things happen, and that loop was creating my struggle. And one day, I figured that out!

I recognized three things:

  1. The root of problem
  2. The pattern it was creating that was the real issue, and
  3. How I was bypassing action in the name of my emotional nature.

This awareness was huge. It was like this whole matrix of information came in, not only for my life, but for so many highly conscious people who struggle.

Those of us who are energetically sensitive, emotionally sensitive… just plain old sensitive… often have a natural pattern of going within to understand the world around us. It’s comforting to turn inward, yet it can become a trap. The way you are processing your outer experience through your inner world — and all the amazing information you access through that inner exploration — may just be the thing that is keeping you stuck.

I learned this lesson the hard way. But it’s made a huge impact on how I am now working with people and moving my own life along.

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You’re stuck. Something in your life isn’t working or isn’t happening, and hasn’t for a while. It’s a big one though, it feels like it’s your Soul that isn’t making it here, and it’s carving out a huge reference point around failing, being stuck and feeling disempowered.

Deep down you know you must keep at it. You keep going around and around the issue, yet you can’t resolve things for some reason. You desperately want your life to be going down some other path, but you either can’t leap or you try and try and it’s a no-go.

You find new things all the time that tie into this issue, and you diligently work on them thinking, “This is it… this is the thing that will change it all.” You are a master at shifting out of those deep emotional states, back into balance. It’s those shifts though that fool you into thinking you are changing. I mean, you’re growing right? You’re learning new things about yourself… except the one thing that changes your direction.

A week, a month or a year later, you realize you are still stuck, and you still don’t know why. You still have that same job you hate, you aren’t in the relationship you want, your still not making enough money, your business isn’t thriving and you still feel disempowered. Honestly, that big-ticket life change that your Soul yearns for hasn’t manifested.

Your only recourse seems to be to keep moving inward to understand why. You’re pulled back into your inner world that reflects what’s showing up.

It’s a loop!

Is Your Highly Conscious Life Going Nowhere - Ferris Wheel - CycleWhen I look back now, I can see how my inner processing was both a blessing and a total derailment. There were way too many times when I missed out on creating real change, by moving inward to try to understand what was in play. Honestly, that was all I knew to do in those moments. Instead of creating a breakthrough, I was creating a breakdown.

That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. I was stuck in a pattern of processing. I was in a loop of emotional comfort, all in the name of my spiritual and emotional process.

Those moments where I’d “get” something about myself and seemingly create a level of change, created enough belief to keep me going… until the next time. But they weren’t real changes… the kind of changes that truly moved me along my path of spiritual evolution and anchored into this 3D world in a way where I thrived.

And I see this now in so many highly conscious, highly stuck, people whose natural instinct is to process their experience through what they feel. The process is influencing the outcome and not always with a positive outcome. There is something missing that’s creating a breakdown, instead of a breakthrough.

So how do you create the breakthrough?

1. You must get to the core and untangle that mess. Cut to the chase. Get some help. I can guarantee you, if you are stuck in life in any way, and things aren’t moving forward, you need help in getting to the core of the issue. And if you’re like my clients, what you’re looking isn’t the core issue and energy.

What you’re feeling are the symptoms of a core pattern that’s been created to both protect you and force you to grow beyond it. This pattern is deeper than where you are looking and, when you’re in it, incredibly confusing. You won’t know whether to embrace it or crush it. And honestly, you have to finesse it a little, and do both.

2. Break the processing cycle. Find the line between awareness and action.

Someone recently asked me what it took for me to understand how to shift from being in “process mode” to “action mode”… how I found that balance. And I’ll tell ya, it took learning some new skills that were not innate to this energy-gal who has spent years exploring “why.”

It’s not always easy at first for the folks I work with either. When it’s natural for you to feel it all, and process it all to understand your world – and that’s been working over-time – it’s hard to not go into auto-pilot and fall back down the rabbit hole of process.

Don’t get me wrong, at times you need to go within and work on your emotional stuff and make connections between things and allow new awareness in. But if you aren’t getting in and out and then switching gears to then move forward, you need help from someone who’s figured it out.

There’s a level of information about how it works to seamlessly shift between awareness and action that you don’t yet know. (But you can learn this!) There was a download in a sense where I realized all of a sudden how it works.

3. Invest in your change. This is not going to come as a shock to you, but if you want something to change, you have to do something different. The thing is, so many of us don’t.

What Changes Do You Want to See - Keep Calm, Make ChangeTo create a breakthrough, you really do need to invest in yourself, and some help. You need to set up a period of time where you say, “I am going to deal with this.”

Big mindset changes are not the thing to do on your own. You simply can’t see your own stuff. That’s not just marketing hype, it’s the truth. None of us can clearly see the big stuff in our lives. And quite frankly, going it alone encourages more struggle. Had enough? Break the pattern.

The other part of this is, all too often people seek out help from the same model (or frequency) they are used to. Dip into a different well of information… someone who holds a frequency and awareness that you can learn from. When you are stuck, you need new data; you need new information. It’s not going to come from your mind set, the people who you’ve been trading with, or the same model or modality you’ve been working from. It just isn’t.

Seriously, invest in something new and create that breakthrough. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll see that you didn’t know what you didn’t know.

Here’s the thing, life is moving fast these days. Your change should be as well.

When things around you are moving at high speed, your “stuckness” is highlighted in the most painful of ways. By comparison, your inability to get things moving feels even more rooted. It can be heartbreaking to not be moving ahead.

So if your highly conscious life is going nowhere, it’s not you. It’s your process. Your highly conscious self has something amazing to do. Change things up in how you are approaching things. Up-level and step back onto the path of your spiritual evolution and thrive.

If you’d like to learn more about getting past “go” and finally doing what you’re meant to, check out my free e-book! I share some tips on what I’ve learned along the way.

First completely scalable quantum simulation of a molecule

A team of researchers made up of representatives from Google, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, Tufts University, UC Santa Barbara, University College London and Harvard University reports that they have successfully created a scalable quantum simulation of a molecule for the first time ever. In a paper uploaded to the open access journal Physical Review X, the team describes the variational quantum eigensolver (VQE) approach they used to create and solve one of the first real-world quantum computer applications.

As research continues with the development of a true quantum computer, some in the field have turned their attention to selecting certain types of problems that such computers could solve, as opposed to what are now being called . One such problem is solving the molecular electronic structure problem, which as Google Quantum Software Engineer Ryan Babbush notes in a blog post involves searching for the lowest electron energy configuration of a given molecule. What this means in practice is using a machine to compute the energies of molecules—doing so for some, such as methane, is relatively easy and can be done very quickly on a classical computer, but others, such as propane, can take days. This makes it an ideal test case for a quantum computer.

To calculate molecular energies on a quantum computer, the researchers used the VQE approach because it translates well as a quantum equivalent of a neural network, i.e., quantum bits could be used to represent molecular wave functions. Once they had built and programmed the system, they tested it by computing the energy of a hydrogen molecule. Their results very closely matched prior results found using classical computers.

First completely scalable quantum simulation of a molecule
Computed H2 energy curve and errors. Credit: Physical Review X (2016). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.6.031007

The researchers are aiming to create a quantum computer that is capable not only of computing single molecule energies, but entire chemical systems. As one example, they would like to be able to simulate what happens as bacteria do their work in producing fertilizer—a process they note that currently consumes approximately 2 percent of global energy produced. That would mean developing a universal quantum computer, which, not coincidently, is a goal Google has set for itself.

Explore further: IBM invites users to test its quantum computer

More information: P. J. J. O’Malley et al. Scalable Quantum Simulation of Molecular Energies, Physical Review X (2016). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.6.031007

We report the first electronic structure calculation performed on a quantum computer without exponentially costly precompilation. We use a programmable array of superconducting qubits to compute the energy surface of molecular hydrogen using two distinct quantum algorithms. First, we experimentally execute the unitary coupled cluster method using the variational quantum eigensolver. Our efficient implementation predicts the correct dissociation energy to within chemical accuracy of the numerically exact result. Second, we experimentally demonstrate the canonical quantum algorithm for chemistry, which consists of Trotterization and quantum phase estimation. We compare the experimental performance of these approaches to show clear evidence that the variational quantum eigensolver is robust to certain errors. This error tolerance inspires hope that variational quantum simulations of classically intractable molecules may be viable in the near future.

Read more at: