10 Toxic Foods Made In China That Are Filled With Plastic

Many parts of China are actually known for their fine cuisine, but its food industry has taken a lot of heat lately for its troubling lack of standards.

This country is using their innovative methods that they use to make cheap technology products, toys and other consumer products and applying that mindset to food, which is absolutely dangerous.

10 Toxic Foods Made In China

Tilapia Fish

Tilapia fish is commonly farmed in China. This is the worst kind of fish you can find on the shelves on the market.

Tilapia fish eats almost anything and it is usually farmed in pools full of waste water. 80% of the Tilapia in America comes from China.

Cod Fish

Cod is another type of fish that is fish farmed in China. More than 50 percent of tilapia fish in the USA comes from this country.


Chinese Apple Juice

More than 50% of the apple juice in the US originates from China. China is known to be the country that creates the greatest number of pesticides in the world, and it is not put on the labels.
Avoid buying this juice and drink only natural, homemade juice bought from a local farm.

Processed Mushrooms

Considering the fact that 34 percent of the mushrooms in the USA come from China, be very careful when you buy this product. Do your best to know your source, buy local and true organic.

Chinese Garlic

31% of Garlic sold in the US is from China. Toxic garlic has been found to be overwhelmed with chemicals and that is what it gives it its bad aftertaste.


China is a country that produces more pesticides than any other country in the world, which is also pretty much polluted, and thus the quality of the chicken should be questioned really well.

Plastic Rice

It is believed that it is made from potatoes and a fake sythetic resin. When boiled the rice stays hard and doesn’t cook like regular rice.
Consuming this rice for longer time can have serious consequences to your health.

Mud (sold as black pepper)

Some manufacturers in China have been collecting mud and selling it as black pepper and also took flour and sold it as white pepper.

Industrial Salt

The industrial salt is not made for consumption, and despite this, it is still being sold as table salt for some time.

The consequences of this industrial salt consumption are issues with the physical and the mental health, as well as with the thyroid.

Green Peas

China has been exporting fake green peas. These peas have been made of soy beans, snow peas, green color and sodium metabisulfite. The green color is cancerous and when boiled, paint the water unnaturally green.

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