Food Properties and Amino Acid Composition of Celosia spicata Leaves


The proximate, functional properties, anti nutrients and amino acid composition of Celosia spicata leaves were investigated. The sample contained moisture content (8.16±0.01%), total ash (15.3±0.63%), crude protein (10.2±0.01%), crude fat (1.15±0.01%), crude fibre (12.3±0.02%) and carbohydrate (47.6±0.63%). The sample contained oil absorption capacity (303%), water absorption capacity (440%), emulsion capacity (56%), emulsion stability (29%) and foaming capacity (12.5%) while the least gelation concentration was 8%W/V. The water and oil absorption capacities were relatively good, and the in-vitro protein digestibility (IVPD) was 82.2%. Glutamic acid (12.8g/100g crude protein) and aspartic acid (8.96g/100g crude protein) were the most abundant amino acid while cysteine (0.40g/100g crude protein) was the least. The total essential amino acid of the sample was calculated to be 94.97g/100g crude protein which showed that the sample contained moderate quantity of essential amino acids. The sample contained tannin (97.42mg/100g), saponin (4.93mg/100g), alkaloid (0.36mg/100g), phytate (21.08mg/100g) and oxalate (16.53mg/100g) respectively. This study would provide information on the nutritional potentials of Celocia spicata leaves.


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