A Mosquito Saved Her Life: They Thought it Was an Infection and Then This Happened!

This little girl’s leg where it is bitten by a mosquito has become black and swollen. The mother suspected that this is an allergic reaction, but she was still immediately taken to a doctor for detailed examination.

Concerned Hayley Williams (25) took the daughter Connie McCaughey to the doctor when the bite blackened and swollen.

The mother expected the doctor to prescribe only antihistamines, but the girl was sent to the hospital. The girl was diagnosed with the early phase of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

This form of leukemia is very risky and it is of crucial importance that it is diagnosed early – says Connie physician Dr. Mark Velangi

Fortunately, the cancer was diagnosed early, aggressive chemotherapy was given and the results of the treatment were successful.

A Bite from Mosquitto
A Bite from Mosquitto

Only seven months after the diagnosis of the girl, who is now four years old, the cancer is in remission, but doctors expect her to officially be completely healthy in January 2016.

Everything was unreal, we could not believe it – says her mother.

When I was on vacation in Ibiza noticed a bite, I thought it was normal. By the next morning I noticed that the site of the bite blackened. The doctor was great because we were immediately sent to the hospital, and the findings were quickly made.

-He said that the bite blackened due to poor immunity. She was devastated when she heard the words “your daughter has cancer.”

-After we learned the news, we have tried to regain her composure and be positive for Connie’s well being.  She began to lose hair, but she was brave. I think we have more difficult things to endure. She was very happy, I’m so proud of her.


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