Guys Share Why They’re Self-Conscious About Their Hair.

Women often complain they have it harder than men when it comes to appearance-related social pressure and its impact on self-confidence. However, men struggle with body image issues too –they’re just not as open about it. Unless they’re on a secret-sharing app like Whisper, where men recently shared why they feel self-conscious of their hair.

Appearance: Guys Share Why They're Self-Conscious About Their Hair

Even if you’re super confident, it’s normal to feel a little insecure or awkward at one point or another (unless you’re Channing Tatum and you can go full Beyonce without an ounce of self-consciousness). And the fact that a lot of men feel self-conscious about their mane makes sense: Whether you’re rocking aman bun or a buzz cut, your hair is an integral part of your style. It’s the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror and it’s the one aspect of your appearance that you might invest more time and money in maintaining.

You might feel like your locks are getting harder to style. Your girlfriend might complain that it’s taking you too long to get ready or even poke fun at your receding hairline. You might laugh it off but feel a little bad inside. Well, you’re not the only one.

From worrying about hair loss to going gray, here are the thoughts men have about their hair but are too embarrassed to share. So stop fretting, rock your hairstyle with pride (even if you have crazy curls some women would kill for) and find comfort in the following confessions.

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