These 40 Ideas Will Make Your House Super Awesome!

After a hectic day, we need to go to a place which is relaxing and comfortable. We also want to have a place where our family get the best facilities. That place is called a house. We work hard in our jobs and push our careers, all to collect enough money to make our dream house. However, you need to be wise about spending this hard earned cash. Here is a collection of some wonderful engineering ideas to transform your house. Let us know your favourite in the comments below.

underground garage

Glass Bathtubs

Pirate Ship Bedroom

Solar Roof Tiles

Convertible Couches

Underground Garage

Convertible Ping Pong Table Doors

Cat Transport System

Chandelier to Transform Room Into Forest

Hammock Bed

Stairs With Slide

Stairs With Book Shelves

Storage Space Under Stairs

Kitchen Garden

Spiral Bottle Storage

Backyard Beach

Lawn Cinema

Indoor Treehouse For Kids

Hammock Over Stairs

Swatch Doors

Basement Skateboard Area

Walk-in Pool

Dining Pool Table

Indoor Outdoor Pool

Glass Fire Pit

Fire Pit Tables

Aquarium Bed

Sandbeach Under Table

Catwalk Around House

Indoor Slide

Backyard Office

Balcony Pool

Swing Dining Tables

Kitchen Table Tennis

Infinity Bathroom Floors

Wall That Sings When It Rains (Currently one in Germany)

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