What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

One of the most important activities that keeps us healthy throughout our lives is sleeping. Needless to say that sleeping is as important as eating and when one gets deprived of it, it can cause fatal health issues.

One study shows that every third person is sleeping naked, they are intimate with a partner, and it promotes a sense of happiness, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and reduces feelings of anxiety. To sleep without any clothes on, gives a feeling of absolute freedom. Nothing tightens, nothing scratch or wraps around the body during the night. It is also a great recipe for increasing sexual desire because when we are naked, we just feel sexier. It is very sexy touching with a partner, skin to skin. It is so much nicer than the touch “pyjamas on pyjamas.”

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

According to an international study of American National Foundation for sleeping, every third person is sleeping naked, and that is why their love lives are happier than those who sleep in pajamas. They are intimate with a partner, and familiarity relaxes and promotes a feeling of happiness. This results in lowering blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and reduces feelings of anxiety. Besides the quality of love and of course sexual life, sleep with nothing on improves the quality of sleep, according to Men’s Fitness.

The body temperature is lower, which contributes to a deeper sleep. The genitals would be grateful if you do not hide in pyjamas. Experts believe that sleeping naked reduces the chance of bacterial growth because they love moisture and heat. The vagina will be less moist and less prone to infections and testicles cooler which keep sperm health.

Your skin will be grateful because this is a unique opportunity to breathe, which reduces the chance of getting skin diseases. In fact, throughout the day the skin is covered by clothing and footwear under which it often sweating and chemicals from the detergent or fabric softener may enter through the pores.

One more detail that is important, if you do not sleep in pajamas, you will economize on household budgets. You will not need to buy, wash or iron. If you are cold at night, you can cover with another blanket, and the body shall continue to enjoy the freedom.

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping Naked?


If you are not a naked sleeper, the idea of laying naked in the bed may sound not too comforting but when you actually get used to it, it is. Moreover, it is not just about comfort in the bed but also because you will have to wash less clothes and you might as well save some bucks on pajamas as well. Moreover, it also frees you from tight underwear and bra as well, which obviously makes you more relaxed and happier.

Better Sleep

Most of the people who wear clothes and sleep must have faced a situation in the bed when their clothes get stuck with something, or their t-shirts gets twisted and presses the belly so hard and you wake up with a bad dream. Thus, when you are sleeping naked, you are free from such small distractions and can result in deeper and better sleep.

Improves Skin Quality

If you sleep naked, at least once in a day, for the better, your body will get to breathe fresh air. More importantly, your private parts will also get aired and obviously, that is a great thing. Your private parts,armpits, and feet are generally restricted all day and are often covered by multiple layers, even in the summer time. Give those parts a chance to air out and breathe. This can lower the risk of skin diseases, like athlete’s foot, that result from wet, restricted skin.

Helps Regulate Cortisol

When you sleep naked, it helps keep your body temperature at the optimal ranges so your body can better create cortisol. Therefore, if you sleep overheated, your cortisol levels tend to stay high even after you wake up. This can lead to increased anxiety, cravings for bad food, weight gain, and more terrible things. Thus, sleeping naked can properly produce and regulate cortisol.

Balances Melatonin and Growth Hormone

Sleeping naked can keep your sleeping environment below 70 degrees (F) every night and help your body regulate its melatonin and growth hormone levels. These chemicals help prevent aging and are essential to good health.

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