Nicotine-Chomping Bacteria may help smokers quit smoking.

An enzyme from a bacterium that lives on tobacco plants may be the key to a new type of “vaccine” to help smokers quit

Antioxidant use may promote spread of cancer.

A team of scientists has made a discovery that suggests cancer cells benefit more from antioxidants than normal cells, raising concerns about the use of dietary antioxidants by patients with cancer.

Metastasis, the process by which cancer cells disseminate from their primary site to other parts of the body, leads to the death of most cancer patients. New research suggests that when antioxidants were administered to lab mice, their cancer spread more quickly than in mice that did not get antioxidants.

A team of scientists at the Children’s Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) has made a discovery that suggests cancer cells benefit more from antioxidants than normal cells, raising concerns about the use of dietary antioxidants by patients with cancer. The studies were conducted in specialized mice that had been transplanted with melanoma cells from patients. Prior studies had shown that the metastasis of human melanoma cells in these mice is predictive of their metastasis in patients.

Metastasis, the process by which cancer cells disseminate from their primary site to other parts of the body, leads to the death of most cancer patients. The CRI team found that when antioxidants were administered to the mice, the cancer spread more quickly than in mice that did not get antioxidants. The study was published online today in Nature.

It has long been known that the spread of cancer cells from one part of the body to another is an inefficient process in which the vast majority of cancer cells that enter the blood fail to survive.

“We discovered that metastasizing melanoma cells experience very high levels of oxidative stress, which leads to the death of most metastasizing cells,” said Dr. Sean Morrison, CRI Director and Mary McDermott Cook Chair in Pediatric Genetics at UT Southwestern Medical Center. “Administration of antioxidants to the mice allowed more of the metastasizing melanoma cells to survive, increasing metastatic disease burden.”

“The idea that antioxidants are good for you has been so strong that there have been clinical trials done in which cancer patients were administered antioxidants,” added Dr. Morrison, who is also a CPRIT Scholar in Cancer Research and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. “Some of those trials had to be stopped because the patients getting the antioxidants were dying faster. Our data suggest the reason for this: cancer cells benefit more from antioxidants than normal cells do.”

Healthy people who do not have cancer may very well benefit from antioxidants that can help reduce damage from highly reactive oxidative molecules generated by normal metabolism. While the study’s results have not yet been tested in people, they raise the possibility that cancer should be treated with pro-oxidants and that cancer patients should not supplement their diet with large doses of antioxidants.

“This finding also opens up the possibility that when treating cancer, we should test whether increasing oxidative stress through the use of pro-oxidants would prevent metastasis,” said Dr. Morrison. “One potential approach is to target the folate pathway that melanoma cells use to survive oxidative stress, which would increase the level of oxidative stress in the cancer cells.”

This homemade apple vinegar is proven to melt fat and expel through the urine.

This drink is best made of organic, healthy apple and use it unfiltered and unpasteurized.

It is really easy to make.

It is known that vinegar helps to lose weight and burn fat. It is best known natural remedy against excess weight; speeds up metabolism and boosts the immunity.appleSpecial preference of the choice of apple cider vinegar is the fact that it is based on natural grounds, cannot hurt human body and is an ideal adjunct to diet because it does not harm health.

How to consume?

Every morning it is necessary to dilute in a glass of water 2-3 teaspoons vinegar. Drink on an empty stomach.

You can also add 1-2 teaspoons of honey.

What about the effect?

When it comes to the desire for weight loss there are many factors that are essential for a positive impact, such as for example condition that depends on how much excess weight you have.

Vinegar will help a lot in the breakdown of fat regardless of the state in which your body is at the moment. On the average, with the regime loses five pounds in a month and another ten pounds over a period of one year.

How to prepare?

There are several ways to get this great healthy vinegar. You can use whole apples, but also the remains of the fruit, the bark and the seeds.

First we will try with the remains of the fruit. In this way you eat the apples, and you also get vinegar. In addition, the process is faster than standard and you need two months to get your homemade apple vinegar.

You will need: a large glass jar, the remains of the apple and thicker gauze.

Remains of apples leave outdoors. They will get a brown color. Do not worry; this is exactly what you want. Now put them in a jar and fill it with water. Since you can add more of the apple in the next few days, it would be best to leave space in the jar. Cover with gauze and leave in a warm, dark place.

After a few days you will notice that the contents of the jar solidify and appear grayish scum (fungus) on the surface. When you see this, do not add more remains of apples, and leave the mixture for a month (or more) to ferment. (Take off the fungus). Already after a month, you can begin testing. Try the vinegar; make sure that it is strong enough for you. If it is ok to your taste, strain mixture and pour the vinegar into sterilized bottles.

Do not worry if blurry vinegar, it will even be some sediment of the apples and that’s just fine. If you do not like it, you can drain vinegar through a thick gauze or cloth diaper.

If you make vinegar with whole apples, the principle is almost the same. Apples need to cut into slices, also pour water and leave covered with gauze in a dark, warm place. The process takes longer – 6 months. You will notice the appearance of fungus. You can throw it away, but the people believe that this fungus is very good as a coating for various inflammations.

After 6 months, strain and pour the liquid into a larger jar and leave for another 4 to 6 weeks covered with gauze. After that is ready for use.

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Is Sleeping On My Left Side Good For Digestion And Sleep?

Sleep is an integral part of life. It’s doesn’t just re-energizes and rejuvenates the mind and body but also works wonders for our overall health. Therefore, the duration of our sleep is critical and almost all forms of healthcare institutions prescribe and suggest every individual to get a good amount of sleep.

Anyway, just as important as the duration of the sleep, the position you adopt while sleeping also has healthy implication. It is studied that sleep position can influence your health, help in keeping your skinlook young, and improve your digestive health. But what sort of a position are talking about here.

Is Sleeping On My Left Side Good For Digestion And Sleep?

Yes, sleeping on the left side is said to be great for digestion. According to the holistic medicine, the left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side, and sleeping on this side, the body will get more time to filter toxins, lymph fluid, and waste through the thoracic duct and the lymph nodes. As opposed to the left side, sleeping on your right side may cause your lymphatic system to run more slowly.

One of the experts says that when you start sleeping on your left side, gradually, you will start noticing the increased efficiency of your body at toxin disposal through waste. This, the expert says, happens because of this sleeping position improves the digestive system, and allows your body to promptly extract nutrients and dispose toxins.

Healthiest Foods of All Time (With Recipes)

These are the foods you should be eating now.

Eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated. To make it simple, TIME has curated a list of the 50 healthiest foods you should be eating now.

We asked registered dietitian Tina Ruggiero, author of the The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook, to break down why each of these foods is a powerhouse. We also pulled in the nutritional information and asked our friends at Cooking Light to hook us up with some creative recipes to make sure eating these on a regular basis is no-excuses easy.

Bon appetit!

Is Drinking Low Fat Milk Really A Healthy Choice?

So far, everyone believes in the fact that drinking milk everyday is highly beneficial for health. It is considered as an important source of calcium which caters to the bone health. But again, experts suggest that dairy fat is dangerous and most people, therefore, feel that they should consider sticking to the low-fat or no-fat products instead. But no evidence regarding the matter had come out until recently.

Is Drinking Low Fat Milk Really A Healthy Choice?

A research conducted in Harvard regarding the consumption of low-fat milk’s health benefits, found that it was actually unhealthy to low-fat drink. They say that most of the low-fat milk are diluted with a lotartificial sweeteners which might have an adverse effect on your health.

Another research found that women who ate two or more servings of low-fat dairy foods per day, particularly skim milk and yogurt, increased their risk of infertility by more than 85 percent compared with women who ate less than one serving of low-fat dairy food per week.

Other researchers, therefore, suggest people to drink full-fat milk (natural) instead of the low-fat as they are processed and not natural. As opposed to the low-fat milk, which is basically polyunsaturated fat, the full fat milk comes with in immersed fat which is very beneficial to health. It is also found that fat milk is suitable for people with heart disease and diabetes as well.

Why full fat milk is better?

One research found that people who ate the most high-fat dairy foods had the lowest risk for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Also people with higher level of trans-palmitoleic found in fat dairy products were observed to find 60% lower risk of developing diabetes than those with the lowest levels. Yet another study showed that people who ate the most full-fat dairy had a 69% lower risk of cardiovascular death than those who ate the least.