Large Hadron Collider Created A Portal To Another Dimension?

As U.I.P stated recently, the bizarre UFO sighting in the sky above the Netherlands, looks VERY much like a Portal than anything else! Could it be that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has opened up a Portal in the sky to Another Dimension?


Could it be that this image of a most bizarre looking object snapped up high above the Netherlands, could be the first ever picture of a portal to another dimension? Possibly opened up by the guys based in CERN

The Gentleman who caught this incredible sighting was Dutch snapper Harry Perton, who was photographing stormy evening skies at the tome over Groningen in his homeland, when all of a sudden there was a HUGE flash as he fired the shutter! Some people believe that this very well could be a wormhole to another Dimension.

Harry Perton's astonishing original picture

Harry Perton’s astonishing original picture

I am sure that a lot of you reading this will already know this, but Wormholes are a VERY mysterious scientific theory that there are openings in space-time to another part of the universe or even another dimension. It is very important to remember when discussing Portals/wormholes, that they are actually very real and even our silent friends in NASA not so long confirmed their existence

At the time he took the picture, Mr Perton actually did not realise anything out of the ordinary had just happened, and instead believing it must have been a flash of lightening instead. Little did he know that he may of taken one of the most important photos of all time…

It was only until a short while later after taking the photographs , when he reviewed the shots at home, he could actually see the strange semi-translucent object shaped like an upside down jellyfish or toadstool…..or Portal!

NASA's image or what a Portal could look like.

NASA’s image or what a Portal could look like.

The REAL thing!?

The REAL thing!?

You can clearly see that most of the object is a turquoise like colour, while there is a sunlight-esque jet or beam of light at the base…..Or an entrance to a portal to another Dimension!?

Not surprisingly, after this incredible photo was posted online, it led to a complete frenzy of speculation, which included whether it could be proof of wormholes, Project Blue Beam, alien visitations or even some kind of a religious warning to the people of this world. But the most popular theory was ‘could this be a portal to another Dimension?’

Has a new door for mankind been opened

Has a new door for mankind been opened

One commentator said about this whole strange event the:

“That’s a portal, it allows a craft to travel from one end of the universe to the other in a matter of secontnds. Someone made a mistake when entering our system and basically got caught. What you’re seeing is a craft entering not leaving.”

Many others immediately speculated that this could be the result of the Large Hadron Collider LHC being turned back on at twice its original power AND what with the confirmation off the guys at CERN that they are starting to look for other Universes/Dimensions!

Somebody else immediately posted: “It’s a wormhole.”

As we all know, the LHC is a massive atom smashing machine which scientists are now using to unlock secrets of the universe, which also includes whether parallel universes exist.

Many critics around the world now fear that CERN is tampering way too much with the laws of physics as they have already admitted that it could create a man made ‘mini’ black hole or even a wormhole – a mysterious theoretical portal through space-time to another part of the universe or even to another dimension….It really is like something from your wildest dreams and imagination as a child isn’t it!

Mr Perton officially responded to the amount of interest his image had gained around the world and said:

“I was taking photos and suddenly something flashed.

“I decided it must have been a strike of lightning ­ but back at home I saw something strange in one of the photos that I took ­what looked like a UFO.”

Quite a few other people online posted and decided that this could be a fighter jet sonic boom, or even a sign of the Second coming…or a sign of the End of days being not too far away! (well we did hear the sounds of the Trumpets in the sky across the world not so long ago).

One person in Malta has actually claimed that a whole football team saw it, and then adding:”We where playing a football game in Malta and all the 16 players saw it on 26th Tuesday around 8.05pm.”

Another claimed to have seen the same thing six years ago in Wales. Whilst others pointed out the Norway Spiral could be a similar oddity in the sky!?

However the bulk of people posting about this offered a more mundane explanation that it was an example of lens flare as the camera was being pointed towards the sun….but it doesn’t appear to be a particularly sunny day and I am no camera expert but surely you need a sun to cause ‘Lens flare’ The next thing we know it will start being called ‘The Netherlands Swamp gas’

However even though Mr Perton is getting an awful lot of attention for his photo, he still remains very sceptical, believing it is more likely a meteorological light trick.  But how can you explain the unexplainable!?



As mentioned above us guys at U.I.P did suggest recently that this object in the sky was not a UFO but in fact had the look or a portal, and now many others are saying the exact same thing too!

You can clearly see that this object is definitely NOT a helicopter as some people have suggested and it is also most definitely not a camera lens flare which has also been mentioned…the fact the you would need the sun to be out to create a lens flare is quite an important fact too in this whole story.

We can obviously at this moment in time a 100% confirm what this is, but lets be honest with ourselves people, the Aliens have to come through somewhere and it has already been admitted by NASA that portals DO in fact exist….which quite possibly makes this photo one of the most famous captures to this date!

Could CERN of opened up a portal to another Dimension….quite possibly considering THIS is what they have confirmed that they are trying to do in their next phase of their project! But surely the risks are unknown of doing such a thing? Yep, and guess what the Scientists clearly have NO backup plan about what to do when they do open up the doors to another Dimension/Universe!?

We will keep you updated on this gripping and intriguing story….It is like the kind of thing we would once of only ever seen in the movies!


Other Dimensions About To Be Discovered?

Other Dimensions About To Be Discovered?

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