Future of search engines

Tlexis, a new concept of search engine, aims to bring about a change .

Imagine a new search engine that would give you a peep into the websites of the search words instead of just links. It is this idea that budding entrepreneur Guru Thejus Arveti wants to bring out in his unique futuristic concept of a search engine called Tlexis. A third year engineering student of GITAM University, Guru Thejus developed this concept in a span of six months and has already filed a patent for it. So what exactly is his idea of this new search engine and how different is it from other search engines?

“Tlexis shows entire web pages as images rather than just suggesting links as search results. At present, unless you click the links you won’t know the content in the websites,” says Guru Thejus. For instance, if you are searching for ‘World Wonders’ in the search engine, Tlexis gives you a series of interactive images showing the content in the links even before you click on it. “Tlexis gathers all the information and summarises it from open information sources,” he adds.

Tlexis is currently being incubated at the Sunrise Startup Village. It took six months for Guru Thejus to develop this. But right now, his biggest challenge is to raise funds in order to launch the product. “I am looking to raise Rs 3 crore and have pitched the idea before venture capital funds. Also, this concept will need higher internet bandwidth, which is another hurdle in India,” says the 21-year-old, who was one of the finalists at the Korea India International Startup Contest held last year. But this hasn’t deterred the young entrepreneur from dreaming big. His focus zone to launch the product will be Singapore. “Singapore has the highest household internet bandwidth in Asia with an average speed of 30 mbps. This makes it an attractive market to launch the new search engine,” he says.

To get an idea of the concept, check the YouTube video here.

While Guru Thejus embarks on the journey to launch his dream product of a new search engine, the entrepreneur in him knows that in order to be in the race, he needs multiple sources of income. Hence, he has developed other products simultaneously. The other product he is excited about is exploratory graphical analytics Windows software for marks management for schools. The concept is simple – the software gives a graphical report of a student’s performance with the help of bars and line graphs for better understanding of the overall performance. “Right now, I am in talks with a few schools in the city who have evinced interest in it,” he adds.

His latest innovation is a website called livelyoccasions.com which live streams any event or occasion in their website. So if you have a dear relative sitting at a corner of the globe who is unable to be physically present but wishes to attend your graduation programme or wedding ceremony, the website live telecasts the occasion.

Previously, Guru Thejus developed an SMS-based navigation system where any mobile user can get navigation directions on SMS without GPS and internet data package. The product is not functional right now as Tlexis hasn’t been able to collaborate with telecom operators yet.

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