The Drugless Doctor Instatip: Chlorine—Bromine—Fluorine Compromise Function .

There is a group of elements called halides; bromine, fluorine, chlorine and iodine are in the halide family. Iodine is very important for optimal thyroid, breast, ovary and prostate function. We have noticed more practice members arriving in our office today with subpar thyroid function. If you swim in a pool with bromine of chlorine, drink water which has not been purified and or use fluorine in your toothpaste or dental treatment you would be wise to have your iodine level tested and or for sure consider an iodine supplement. I generally suggest someone start real slow with iodine; taking five or six milligrams a day for a few weeks is a good start. Adding iodine to your routine to quickly especially if you have been exposed to the other halides may cause some collateral distress. Iodine supplementation will promote the release of bromine, fluorine and chlorine which has body signals including itchy skin, digestive distress and even hives. or

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