How Does Yoga Keep Brain Healthy?

Yoga can boost memory because it improves blood flow to the brain and helps in making it work better. Hence, yoga and similar practices can be very helpful in staving off diseases like Alzheimers and other mental disorders.

Dharana, otherwise known as the practice of concentration in the yoga-meditation world is the perfect way to clear your mind and calm your senses. As you remove the static noise in your head and focus your mind, you’ll find that you’re able to remember things, concentrate, and perform much better. The padahastasana (standing forward bend yoga), a yoga pose is very useful to improve memory.

In the study published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 30 college students were asked to complete two cognitive exercises that involved identifying shapes on a computer screen. The first time through, the participants conducted the experiment without working out beforehand; the second time, they walked or jogged on a treadmill for 20 minutes before doing the exercise; and the third time they preceded the exercise with a 20-minute hatha yoga session that included yoga poses, seated meditation, and deep breathing.

Researchers found that yoga outperformed both aerobic exercise and no exercise when it came to keeping the students sharp. The single 20-minute bout of yoga improved their focus and helped them process information faster and more accurately than they did without it. Plus, its brain benefits kicked in more quickly than compared with cardio—they students got a cognitive boost about 30 minutes after completing their last pose.

These researches, thus prove that the plasticity of the brain can be utilized by keeping the brain healthy by participating in exercises like yoga. Practicing yoga and meditation gives a protective effect against degenerative disorders of the cognitive nature.

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