FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic


For years, the issue of arsenic in chicken has been swept under the rug, hoping and praying no one would notice, the FDA has now admitted that chicken meat sold in The United States contains arsenic, a cancer- causing toxic chemical that is fatal in high doses.

The arsenic is added to the chicken feed, and then the arsenic added to the feed ends up in the meat where it is then consumed by people for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For the last sixty years, We consumers have been swallowing arsenic, a known carcinogenic!

Until recently the FDA and the poultry industry has denied that the arsenic fed to the chickens ended up in the meat. They have said, “the arsenic is excreted in the chicken feces.” There is not one trace of scientific evidence to support this claim; it is just what you were wanted to believe!

Now, the evidence is so undeniable that the manufacturer of the chicken feed known as Roxarsone has decided to pull the product off of the shelves. The manufacturer that has been putting the arsenic into the feed is the same company that makes the vaccines containing chemical adjuvants that are injected into children, Pfizer.

The toxic feed will be pulled from the shelves in the United States.

“Scott Brown of Pfizer Animal Health’s Veterinary Medicine Research and Development division said the company also sells the ingredient in about a dozen other countries. He said Pfizer is reaching out to regulatory authorities in those countries and will decide whether to sell it on an individual basis.”

What about the FDA? They continue their claim that arsenic in chickens consumed in such low levels is still safe to eat. Even, as they say, that the arsenic is a carcinogen, meaning it increases the risk of cancer.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that the chicken litter containing arsenic is then fed to the dairy cows in factory beef operations. I guess if they don’t get it in one way, it will go in another!

“Arsenic in chicken production poses a risk not only to human health, but to the environment,” Consumer’s Union senior scientist Michael Hansen, Ph.D., says in a news release. “Arsenic can end up in the manure from chicken coops and this is spread on agricultural land as fertilizer. Chicken coop floor waste is also routinely swept up and recycled as feed to cows on large-scale feedlots. We need to get arsenic out of food production altogether.”

The F.D.A. spokesman said the agency “continues to investigate all uses of arsenic-based drugs in food-producing animals and will take the appropriate action to protect public health.”





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