Top Children’s Vitamins are Full of Aspartame , GMO’s and Chemicals .

Are you aware of the ingredients contained in the multivitamin that you feed your children? Some of the most popular childrens vitamins contain genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), aspartame, artificial colours, even aluminum and more besides.

If as an example we look at the Flintstones vitamin, (currently one of the top selling multivitamins in the United States) it contains a number of ingredients such as GMOS’s, aspartame, aluminum, petroleum-derived artificial colours and much more. Such ingredients are known not to be good for our health and infact can have very toxic effects.Lets take a closer look at some of these ingredients.

Aspartame is known to cause damage to the brain at any doseage by leaving Methanol traces in the blood. It is questionable why Aspartame has ever been approved as “safe” especially as it is found in thousands of our everyday food products; not to mention children’s vitamins. It has been linked to Lymphoma and Leukaemia. It is formed using a synthetic combination of the amino acids known as aspartic acid and I-phenylalanine and once it is in our bodies it converts itself into toxic methanol and formaldehyde.

Sorbitol is a synthetic sugar substitute. It is actually classified as a sugar alcohol. There are links between the ingestion of higher amounts to gastrointestinal problems, ranging from abdominal pain to far more serious conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Hydrogenated Soybean Oil
It is unbelievable that any products containing hydrogenated soybean oil is being marketed for children. They are in fact semi-synthetic fatty acids that then incorporate themselves into our body tissues. They have previously been linked to dozens of harmful health effects, ranging from coronary artery disease to cancer and fatty liver disease to name a few issues.

Ferrous Fumarate
This is possibly even more shocking that Ferrous Fumarate is an ingredient here. Even on the Flintstone’s own website you will find a warning regarding this chemical. In this case it is being used as an iron supplement . However it is important to realize that when consuming iron that comes naturally in food, it is actually impossible to inject toxic amounts that can cause death. But when taking Ferrous Fumarate, fatal levels of toxicity can be reached. What is just as astonishing is that studies have been conducted that show ferrous fumarate doesn’t even affect iron status in children, so not only is it dangerous, but also serves no purpose.

Cupric Oxide
Under the European Union’s Dangerous Substance Directive, Cupric Oxide is actually listed as a hazardous substance! It has been classified as both harmful and dangerous to the environment. It’s usual use is as a pigment in ceramics and also as a chemical in the production of rayon fabric and dry cell batteries. It may be technically correct to call it a mineral, but should it be listed as a nutrient in a children’s vitamin?

Surely it is time for us to examine far more closely what we choose to feed our children. All it takes is a little time spent on investigating and changing our own awareness of what is going on around us. It is so easy to get stuck in a robotic life style, believing what various companies want us to believe without question. All we have to do is notice, after that we can begin making better choices in our own lives. Slowly the world is waking up, and more and more people feel that it’s time to move on, grow and explore our infinite potentiality.Can there be a more important topic to start with then what we feed our children, after all they are the future –.

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