Google: There’s An Alien Moon Base.

Careful monitoring of the moon’s surface has turned up a picture of what appears to be a massive unidentified alien base or aircraft.

A paranormal researcher made the discovery while tinkering with Google’s Moon Viewer, discovering an object triangular in shape. Significantly, it looks nothing like the hardware astronauts have left behind on lunar landings.

A close-up of the mysterious objects reveals a strip of seven lights that are arranged in a way that suggests intelligent design and not just a strange arrangement of landscape. Its size certainly makes it larger than any of the aircraft used on Earth and has some believing that it might be some sort of launching base for UFOs. Or, it could just be some photographic glitch…

As pointed out by the image’s skeptics, the method by which the moon imagery is encoded on the Google platform ensures that weird tricks of the eye happen once people zoom in enough. At a certain point, what is really only barren moon terrain can start to look like shocking, iron-clad evidence.

But the researcher who found the anomaly claims they “found nothing else like it in any of the other craters” after a thorough search. Meaning, if indeed there was a glitch, wouldn’t that mean there were other places on the moon that played tricks on our eyes?

Considering that we’ve long heard rumors of conspiracies and government secrets involving the moon, perhaps the structure isn’t alien at all and is just the beginnings of a lunar base we haven’t been told about. For all we know, our awful landlords have already branched out into turning the moon into another condo development.

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