Research needs in the area of device-related treatments for hypertension.

Hypertension is the primary risk factor for cardiovascular and renal-disease endpoints. Medications help many patients but not all. Recently, two device-related treatments have been introduced, catheter-based renal denervation and electrical carotid sinus stimulation. Remuneration for these treatments is guaranteed in many countries even though basic information is missing. We draw attention to deficiencies in the database. For catheter-based renal denervation, few large-animal data are available to investigate the effect of the intervention on the histology of the arterial wall. No functional data are available regarding re-innervation. For carotid sinus stimulation, the situation is similar. Acute activation of either treatment seems to reduce sympathetic tone dramatically. However, whether or not the effects are sustained over time is unknown. No ‘end-point’ data are available for either treatment. Devices should be subjected to evidence-based standards before widespread introduction.


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