The Life of A Cow .

Many people are surprised to learn that nearly all cows used for milk are born with tissue that will develop into horns. But that’s just one of many secrets that farmers in the dairy industry keep from consumers. Want to learn more? Check out the infographic below for a glimpse at what life is like for cows on dairy farms and share this infographic on Facebook.

Want to help cows? Pledge to go vegan and ditch dairy for cruelty-free products today!

Source: PETA

One thought on “The Life of A Cow .

  1. That looks more like the American system than the UK one, although we do a lot of those things. But I believe the US don’t anaesthetise for de-horning whereas we do, and we are starting to give up de-horning altogether for many of our cows (although not yet dairy cows).

    The veal industry is quite restricted in Britain too as many people here realise what it’s about and are against it. Also many of our dairy cows live over 10 years – I know many farmers in the UK personally who have cows of at least 10 years old.

    Few of our dairy cows are lame in the UK, although some farms are worse than others at welfare. They are all, of course, forced to overproduce though – in any country…

    But a great post and everything everyone should know about dairy instead of just imbibing the products with no knowledge of some of the suffering which underlies it!

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